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Mailing addresses for Higher Education Institutions in Tennessee are available at the Records Office front counter.
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If you need additional information, please call the Records Office at (423) 439-4230 rev 10/2018
East Tennessee State University
Undergraduate & Graduate Students Transcript Request Form
Transcripts will NOT be issued until all debts or obligations owed to the institution have been satisfied.
Transcripts provided to students will be stamped “Issued to Student” and are considered unofficial.
Please complete one request form for
each address to which you want your official transcript sent.
Requests for Overnight shipping service
and PDF transcripts must be placed using the Transcripts Plus System at the
following URL:
Send signed and completed form to:
RETURN to the Records Office (Burgin Dossett Hall Room 101)
MAIL to: East Tennessee State University Office of the Registrar PO Box 70561 Johnson City, TN 37614
FAX to: 423-439-6604 EMAIL to:
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