Revised Instructions 09/01/2019, CN 10504 County Transcript Offices
New Jersey Judiciary
Superior Court - Appellate Division
Transcript Ordering Information
Transcripts are the written record of exactly what was said
during court. Judges review transcripts to know what has
occurred previously and to assist in making a decision on the
There are two types of transcripts: appeal and non-appeal.
The simple difference is appeal transcripts are usually
mandatory and are ordered during the appeal process. You
cannot order appeal transcripts if you do not have an appeal
pending with the Appellate Court. Non-appeal transcripts are
used for reasons other than an appeal or to review your matter
prior to appealing. Non-Appeal transcripts can be used in
your appeal later as long as they are the complete record for
that date (not an excerpt) and were completed by a certified
For Appeal cases, the party who is filing the appeal (or cross-
appeal) is responsible for finding out the transcript dates
needed for their case and ordering them. Failure to order or
submit transcript(s) can result in the dismissal of your appeal.
If you previously ordered complete and certified transcript
dates for other uses, they can be uploaded into your case
without repurchasing. Transcripts are the only record that is
admissible in court.
NOTE: These procedures explain how to order
transcript(s) for an appeal of a Superior Court (trial court)
and Tax Court decision. Transcripts originating from a
State Agency or a municipal court must be ordered through
those entities individually by you and not through the
Appellate or Local County Transcript office.
Ordering Process for Self-Represented Litigants
Self-represented litigants who are not represented by an
attorney must order their transcripts using the Court Transcript
Request Form attached. If the Superior Court transcript is for
non-appeal purposes or you wish to review your case prior to
appealing, you would send the Court Transcript Request Form
to the local county transcript office where the case originated.
If the Tax Court transcript is for non-appeal purposes, you
would send the Court Transcript Request Form to the
Appellate Division Transcript Unit. If the Superior Court or
Tax Court transcript is for appeal, you would send the Court
Transcript Request Form to Appellate Division Transcript
Ordering Process for Attorneys:
Attorneys must order their Superior Court and Tax Court
appeal transcript(s) through eCourts Appellate, no paper
transcript request forms will be accepted from attorneys.
Please read the Notice to the Bar (Appellate Division) and
Notice to the Bar (Tax Court) for more information. Any
attorney without a current appeal (for example, attorneys who
are not ordering a transcript at the same time as filing an
appeal) must order their Superior Court transcript(s) as non-
appeal through the local county transcript office where the
case originated. If ordering a Tax Court transcript as non-
appeal you would email it over to Appellate Division
Transcript Unit.
Attorneys can e-file using the link below and entering their
Bar ID and password for access.
For Appellate e-Filing Help contact:
609-815-2950 x 52590 or email at
Appellate Contact Info for Appeal Requests
Phone: 609-376-3040 Fax: 609-815-2949
Mail to:
Appellate Division
Transcript Unit
Hughes Justice Complex
PO Box 968
Trenton, NJ 08625-0968
Contact Info for Non-Appeal Requests
When using the electronic version of the Court Transcript
Request Form, select the county where the case originated or
tax court. When selected it will populate that county's or tax
court's information: Address, Email and Phone Number.
(Please note: If you are filing out the Court Transcript Request
Form digitally please be sure to use Adobe Reader to properly
access the features of the form.)
County Transcript Processing Offices
What happens after you order a transcript:
1. Standard orders are processed in the order they are received.
Daily and Expedited orders are given priority.
2. The appropriate Transcript Office will contact a transcription
agency or court reporter to transcribe the requested court
3. The agency or court reporter will contact you to request a
deposit before starting your request.
4. The agency or court reporter must receive your deposit before
starting on your request. The start time for completion of your
order begins once you make your deposit.
5. Once your transcripts are completed, for Appeals they will be
sent to the Appellate Division Transcript Unit. Attorneys can
retrieve a copy through eCourts Appellate. Self-represented
litigants will be mailed a copy on CD. For Non-Appeal
transcripts, the transcription agency or court reporter will
directly send you the completed transcripts.
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Revised Form Promulgated by 03/15/2019 Notice to the Bar, CN 10504 County Transcript Offices:
New Jersey Judiciary
Superior Court-Appellate Division
Court Transcript Request (R. 2:5-3)
Transcript order is for:
Type of Service: *See attached cost estimates and transcript ordering instructions.
Standard (30 Days)
Expedited (7 Days)
Daily (Next Business Day)
Trial Court Docket/Indictment #
Requesting Party
Attorney (For non-appeals only)
Self-Represented Litigant
Email Address
Phone Number
Name of Law firm (if applicable)
Date(s) of Proceeding
Type(s) of Proceeding (e.g. trial, sentencing, motion, etc.)
Name of Judge(s)
*NOTE: Attorneys may only use this paper form for non-appeal transcript requests. To order transcripts for appeal (for
example, transcripts not already in attorney possession), attorneys must complete a system-generated transcript request form
through the eCourts Appellate system. See Notice to the Bar, Mandatory Appellate Division Electronic Filing for All Case Types
(September 26, 2017).
Signature of Requesting Party
You may request a particular transcript agency if the transcript was not previously ordered and prepared. Submit your deposit for
transcript(s) directly to the transcription agency or court reporter who will be preparing your transcript(s).
- Select County -
Revised 07/30/2020, CN 12188
Estimated Costs for Transcripts
Only the transcript agency can provide you with the actual cost of your transcript
NOTE: An order granting relief to proceed as an indigent does not entitle you to transcripts at public
expense. Transcripts at public expense are typically granted only in criminal cases where the defendant
qualifies for that relief. For additional questions, please contact your case manager.
(30 Calendar Days) (7 Calendar Days) (Next Business Day)
Original Only
30 Minutes $140 $210 $280
Up to 1 Hour $280 $420 $560
Up to 2 Hours $560 $840 $1120
Up to ½ Day (3 hours) $840 $1260 $1685
Full Day (6 hours) $1685 $2525 $3370
Please Note:
Additional copies are no longer required per rule relaxation of R. 2:5-3 dated October 10, 2018. However, if a
litigant chooses to do so, additional copies may be ordered at the following rates:
Type of
Transcript to Be
Provided Within
Fee for Additional
Copy of Transcript
30 calendar days
$0.78 per page
7 to 10 calendar days
$1.17 per page
next calendar day
$1.56 per page
The abov
e calculations are based on the current page rates (as Set by NJ Statute 2B:7-4) which ar
fective through July 1, 2025.
An agency will not begin work on your transcript until they receive the estimated cost from the orderi
The cost for a transcript is based upon the estimated number of pages that will comprise the final
transcript. A refund or balance due will be settled upon completion of a transcript (R. 2:5-3(d)).