Paper Transcript Request Form
For students who have paid the Lifetime Transcript Fee or
For obtaining employment at Utica College
Complete all sections. Return by mail, fax, in person, or via email.
Utica College Office of the Registrar
1600 Burrstone Rd., Utica NY 13502
Telephone: 315-792-3195 Fax: 315-792-3020
I have paid the Lifetime Transcript Fee
(Prior payment of fee will be verified. If we have no record that you have paid the fee, we will return the form to you with instructions on how to order.)
I am sending this transcript to Utica College Human Resources for employment at Utica College.
If neither of these statements are true, you must submit the online request form, available at
Today’s Date (mm/dd/yy):
Date(s) attended (approximate):
Date of Birth (mm/dd/yy):
Utica College ID# and/or SS#:
Student’s current mailing address:
Your Telephone Number:
Where to send Transcript
Incomplete or insufficient address information will lead to delays in processing time.
If sending to another college/university, be sure to include the name of the college/university.
Processing Instructions (check one):
Recipient Name:
(or College/University)
Send with regular processing
(3-7 Days; up to 10 days during peak times)
Street Address 1:
(or Department)
Send an unofficial Fax
Fax Number: ______________________
Street Address 2:
HOLD for Pick-up (ID required)
Street Address 3:
City, State, ZIP:
Number of Transcripts to send to this recipient:
Federal regulations (FERPA) prohibit release of a student’s records without his/her express written consent.
Utica College Office of the Registrar
1600 Burrstone Road
Utica, NY 13502-4857
Fax: (315) 792-3020
to e-mail a request, you must complete the form, sign it by
hand (we do not accept electronic signatures), then scan the
document and attach to e-mail message.
1. If any financial obligations to the College are not satisfied, the request
form will be returned to the student at the address listed above.
2. Please allow a minimum of 3-7 business days for normal processing time.
During peak times, it could take up to 10 business days.
3. Utica College is not responsible for postal/delivery times.
4. Transcripts requested on this form cannot be sent
electronically (e-mailed). If you wish to send a transcript
electronically, you must complete the online form and pay the
$4.00 processing fee.
5. We strongly suggest calling after faxing a request to confirm receipt.
6. Faxed transcripts are automatically UNOFFICIAL.
We cannot locate your records under the name provided
Contact the Registrar’s Office at (315) 792-3393
We cannot release because you have a financial hold
Contact Student Financial Services at (315) 792-3179
We have no record that you have paid the Lifetime
Transcript Fee
Either submit proof that the Lifetime Transcript Fee was paid or submit the
request through the electronic request form.
We cannot release because you have not signed the form
Sign and return the form
Date Mailed/Picked up:
[Form updated 10Nov2014]