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Transcript Request Form
Student ID#
Name: _____________________________________________________________________________
Previous Name (if applicable): ___________________________________________________________
Street Address: _______________________________________________________________________
City/State/Zip: _________________________________________________________________________
Phone #: _____________________________________
E-Mail Address: _______________________________
Birthdate: ___________________________________
Please check if any apply:
o I am a dual enrollment student from
_________________ high school
o I am an EOF student
o I am a non-credit only student
Check one or more of the boxes for delivery instruction:
o I want an official transcript mailed to my home address
o I want a student transcript mailed to my home address
o Please release my academic transcript to the following address (only one request per form)
o Please email the above transcript in addition to sending it via mail.
Institution/Employer Name/Individual ______________________________________________
Name of Department____________________________________________________________
Email _________________________________________________________________________
Special Instructions (check if applicable):
o Please hold until grades for the following semester are released
o Please hold until my degree is conferred
I understand that completion of this form bearing my signature will allow WCCC to send transcripts of work completed
to the above named institution/business or individual.
_______________________________________________ ___________________________
Signature Date
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