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Non-Discrimination Policy
: Washington County Community College is an equal opportunity/affirmative action institution and
employer. For more information; please call Tatiana Osmond, Affirmative Action Officer, at 454-1094.
RE Form Transcript Request
Revised: July 8, 2019; amd
Transcript Request
Current Last Name: _________________________ First Name: _________________________ M.I.: ________
Name at time of attendance: __________________________________________________________________
Mailing Address: _______________________________ City: _______________ State: _______ Zip: _______
Phone Number: _____________________________ Cell Phone Number: ______________________________
Cell phone carrier: US Cellular Verizon AT & T Tracfone Other __________ Text Updates: Yes No
Social Security number #: _____________________ Email address: __________________________________
Date of Birth: ____________________ Dates of Attendance: ________________________________________
Attended Prior to 1988 Number of Transcripts ________
Hold for final grades of current semester Rush
Student is responsible for providing a complete mailing address (Name/Organization, Person/Department, etc.)
Transcripts will not be sent if there are any outstanding obligations to the college for any reason.
Including defaulted student loans.
Please allow one week for processing.
Expedited transcript request (processed within one day of request) is $10.00
Submit completed form to Donna Geel, Assistant to the Academic Dean
Signature _____________________________________________________________Date_________________
Office Use Only
Processed: __________________________ _________________________
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