Attn: Registrar’s Office
New Location: 1421 Pullman Dr
Sparks, NV 89434
Ph: 775- 856-2266
Fax: 775- 856 - 0935
Transcript Request
Name*: ______________________ _____________ _____ Social Security No*:___________________
Last First MI Student ID
Any other names used at CCNN: _____________________________________________________
Check One: Official Unofficial
Check One: Current Student
Former Student _______ (year) Number of Transcripts requested: ________
Special Instructions:
Send To: AMT ID #______________________________
_________________________ Send now – do not hold
Hold for pick-up
_________________________ Send after semester grades are posted
Send after grade changed in ___________
*Student Current Address: Fax/ Other:________________________
______________________________ ______________________________________________________
______________________________ *Student’s Signature
______________________________ ______________________________________________________
(* = Required) *Current Phone Number *Date
Transcript Request Policies:
FEE: The first two requests are free. A transcript fee of $4.00 per copy is required in advance for each additional copy.
Transcript processing requires approximately 5 business days. However, during peak periods (orientation, graduation, final exams), there may be
some delay. Transcripts should be requested well in advance of these periods.
Transcripts are not released without the student’s consent. Requests by persons other than the student will not be honored without the written
authorization of the student.
ALL transcript requests are to be approved by the Business Office. Transcripts are not issued until all accounts with the college are paid.
Official transcripts given to the student are stamped “ISSUED TO STUDENT”. Some institutions will not accept such transcripts. If approved,
only an Unofficial Transcript will be distributed to currently active students.
Transcripts from high school or other colleges cannot be duplicated. You must contact each school individually for copies of your records.
FOR OFFICE USE ONLY: Approval by Business Office:_________________________________
In Person By Mail By Fax Balance Due _______________ Date _____________
Date Sent _____________ Date Picked Up ____________ Amount Paid _____________ Receipt No. _____________
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