This form is required for all mailings over 200 pieces.
MVCC Mail Center ACC B15 Phone: 792-5474
Please ll out the following form with an attached sample of your mail piece at least two weeks prior
to sending your project to the Mail Center. We cannot guarantee your project will be mailed on
the date you request if we are not given 2 weeks notice.
If you have any questions, please contact Terry Walters at x 5474
Date: ___________________
Name of requestor: _______________________ On behalf of: ____________________________
Department/Center: ___________________________________ Extension: ________________
Number of pieces to be mailed: ____________
Who will be sending out your mailing?
Mail Center PJ Green Don’t know
When do you need your mailing to be sent/postmarked by? ____________
Date when piece will be delivered to the Mail Center/PJ Green: ___________
Name of the Project/Mailing: ________________________________________________________
Please attach or email a sample to if possible
Who is your audience: _____________________________________________________________
What services do you need?
Return to sender Forwarding None
What type of mailing is it?
Postcards Brochures Pamphlets Self-mailers
Letters (The mail room does not provide labeling or stufng services). Other ______________
Who is designing your mail?
Marketing and Communications Other _____________________
(The Print shop does not provide design services)
Your Center/Department must appear in the return address area of all pieces. Contact the Mail Center at x5474 for alternate options.
Does anything appear in the postage area? If so, what ____________________________________
Who will be printing your mail?
Print shop (8.5x11” color=.25 each side, black and white is free) Other: ____________________
Is MVCC being charged for services: ________ postage: _______ provide estimate: _________
Have all parties involved been contacted? Mail Center, MarComm, Printshop, P.J. Green, other
It is the responsibility of the requestor to arrange for the material to be delivered to the Mail
Center . You will be contacted if your mailing is required to be in zip code order. Mailings deliv-
ered with less than two weeks notice and/or not properly prepared may be delayed indenitely.
Ofce Use only
Date material received: ___________ Date of mailing: ____________
Number of pieces mailed: _________________ Total cost of postage: _________________
Postage rate/piece: ______________________ Approved by: ________________________
Tracking Number: __ __ __ __ __
Date Generated: _______________
Jobs WILL NOT commence until a
tracking number has been generated