Track/Tennis Court Community User Signature Form
Facility Services Updated 1/9/2018
Please provide the following information to use district tracks and tennis courts for personal use.
Location(s) Requested: _________________________________________________________________
Name: _______________________________________________________________________________
Home Address: _______________________________________________________________________
City, State, Zip: _______________________________________________________________________
Phone Number: _______________________ Email Address: __________________________________
For use of Fossil Ridge track only, mobile access credentials will be issued and tied to the users smartphone. To obtain
access to the Fossil Ridge track, please denote type of cellphone used: iPhone Android
In accordance the Track and Tennis Court Community User Authorization, I understand that under no circumstances
shall anyone who is issued a key be allowed to release or loan the key or mobile access credential from their possession
to anyone for any reason. Furthermore, I certify that I am at least 18 years of age.
Please note, a non-refundable, non-prorated annual fee of $20 will be required for use of a track or tennis court.
The annual fee will be due during the first month of the calendar year; at this time, a new key will be required to access
the tracks and tennis courts.
Signature: __________________________________________________________ Date: ________________
Annual Fee Received: Cash Check #
Serial Number
Date Returned
Issued By/Computer Entered
Returned Date/Computer Entered
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