TR-720B (Rev. 0916)
Kansas Department of Revenue
Manual Title Application
Mail or take completed application to the County Treasurer’s Motor Vehicle Office.
DO NOT send cash. Checks and money orders accepted.
Check One:
Replacement ($10.00) Add Lien ($11.50) Replace and Add Lien ($21.50)
Remove Lien ($10.00) Replace and Remove Lien ($20.00)
If replacing a title, check reason for replacement:
Lost Mutilated (attach title) Has become Illegible (attach title)
Owner Information:
KS Drive r’s License #, Kansas ID # or FEIN Name
IRP/CMV Acct. # US DOT #
Street Address
State Zip
Phone Number: Email Address:
Vehicle Information:
VIN: Year: Make:
License Plate Number: Vehicle is/was titled in the County of: KS
Address to Mail Title (Complete information only if the address above is not where you want your title to be mailed):
Lien Holder Information:
Street Address
State Zip
Street Address
State Zip
Lien Holder Information:
Street Address
State Zip
By my/our signature(s), I/we swear that I/we are the owner(s) of the above listed vehicle, that all liens and
encumbrances, if any, are listed and that all information state here in is true, complete and correct. I/we are
aware that the law provides severe penalties for making false statement under oath.
Signature(s) of Registered Owner(s):
click to sign
click to edit
TR-720B (Rev. 0916)
Kansas is an electronic title state. An Add Lien or Replacement title is not printed due to the lien listed on the
vehicle record. If a lienholder is shown on the registration receipt, there is a lien/loan on the vehicle record.
Only vehicles with no lien holder will have a paper title issued.
Replacement: Replaces lost, mutilated or illegible title.
Add Lien: Adds a lien holder to a title (attach title).
Remove Lien: Removes the lien from the title (attach title).
Signatures of the owners must match the names on the face of the current Kansas title record.
To remove an existing lien, a notarized lien release is required.
Record the name and address of the secured party/lienholder, if applicable.
A copy of the security agreement is not necessary.
If a legal document or power of attorney is used, please attach it to the application.
Incomplete information or missing signatures will void this application.
If two or more persons are shown on the face of the title as owners with an ‘and” between the names, all
persons must sign this application.
Vehicles with a GVWR of 26,000 lbs or less cannot use this form to add a second lien. Please use the
Refinance Secured Title Application, form TR-720R.
If a replacement title is being requested, attach the current title to this application if the reason selected
is mutilated or has become illegible.
You must provide a phone number as this is a required field.
Please include your area code when entering your phone number.
If someone other than the owner of the vehicle presents this form to pick up the title, they will need to
supply a signed Power of Attorney document. Otherwise, the title will be sent to the address listed on
this form.
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