To ensure that restaurants are able to operate successfully during the COVID-19 economic recovery, the Town of
Hingham established an application process pursuant to Governor Baker’s Covid-19 Order No. 35 for restaurants
temporarily to expand into available private and public space while maintaining public health and safety
requirements. A copy of the Hingham Outdoor Table Service Policy is available here:
Restaurant Information
Business Name:
Contact Name:
Permitted seating capacity:
Proposed seating capacity:
Net Change:
Type of seating area (please check one): Hou
Private (Onsite hardscape, landscape or parking area) Public (Sidewalk or other public space)
If seating area is proposed to be located within an existing parking area, indicate how many parking spaces
will be displaced and how many will remain available for the restaurant:
Number of displaced parking spaces: Number of remaining parking spaces:
Provide a detailed description of the expanded parking area, including the surfacing material, surrounding
barrier and covering if applicable: (Add additional sheet if necessary)
Hours of operation (please indicate AM or PM):
Weekdays [Monday-Thursday] Proposed Hours: ________ to _________
Friday/Saturday Proposed Hours: ________ to _________
Sunday Proposed Hours: ________ to _________
Will alcohol be served in an expanded outdoor seating area? Yes No
If yes, an application to modify your existing license must be submitted: Link is found here.
If you do not hold a liquor license, but your common victualler license must be modified to provide service to
a new or expanded outdoor service area, the following application is required: Link is found here.
Additional site or operational modification proposed (additional approvals may be required):
Tent or other covering. Link is found here.
Outdoor entertainment. Link is found here.
Other. Describe: _____________________________
Prepare and submit a site plan and diagram of the planned outdoor table service area that meets applicable
state and local requirements as outlined in the Hingham Outdoor Service Policy.
Any approval for expanded outdoor table service will expire on November 1, 2020 or the date COVID-19 Order No.
35 is rescinded, whichever is sooner, and the restaurant shall automatically revert back to its status prior to the
To submit your application and required documentation, please email