To Whom it May Concern,
This let
ter is to inform you of the death of
Please find the enclosed copy of their death certificate.
Here is their identifying information:
Legal Name: __________________________________________________
Social Security Number: ________________________________________
Date of Birth: _________________________________________________
Date of Death: ________________________________________________
I am the . A copy of my government issued identification is enclosed
and a copy of the .
Here is my identifying information:
My Name: _____________________________________________________
Street Address: _________________________________________________
City, State, Zip: _________________________________________________
Please advise of any additional information or documentation required. Thank you in advance for your
Your name
Your Address
City, State, ZIP
Financial Intitution's Name
Financial Institution's Address
City, State, ZIP
name of deceased
executor of the deceased's estate
[Include a short description of what action you'd like the bank to take. (i.e. close the account and
transfer funds, retention of a joint account, set up an appointment for next steps, etc.)]
Your name