Applicationto register aTemporary
Transfer of unused Tropical Rock Lobster Quota Units
Quota Holder(s) address
PARTBProposed QuotaUnit holder(s)details
Note:iftheproposedQuotaUnit holderisanewclientto
NameofproposedQuotaUnit holder(s)
PARTD DeclarationbyCURRENTQuota holder(s)
TosignthisformyoumustbetheQuotaUnit holder(s)ortheir
I/We,thecurrentQuotaUnit holder(s)detailedinPartAofthis
Apply to temporary transfer the Quota Units detailed
in Part C of this form to
the proposed Quota Unit holder(s)
detailed in Part B of this form.
bestofmy/ourknowledge,trueand correct.
DeclarethatIamthe Quota Unit holder or the authorsied
agent, inthistransaction.
I declare as the person lodging this instrument for registration
that both parties have agreed to the transaction as detailed in
Part C.
This declaration confirms on behalf of both parties the due
performance of that transaction and that both parties
authorise this dealing to now be registered.
/ /
ProposedQuotaUnit holder(s)contactnumber
ProposedQuotaUnit holder(s)address
/ /
Instructions for completing this form are located on page 2.
PARTACurrentQuotaUnit holder(s)details
Current Quota Unit Holder(s)
PARTC Details of Quota Units to be
temporarily transferred
(record quantity in either units or kilos)
Number of Quota Units
Number of Kilos*
*Temporary transfers are processed in quota units. If you enter a kilo
amount to be transferred, it will be rounded to the nearest available whole
quota unit.
There are 3 signature blocks located on the form, if you need more
signature blocks please attach another form with signature blocks
/ /
moreinformationaboutprivacypleasecontactAFMA on
1. This TT-TRL must always be completed
for temporary Transfer of
Torres Strait Rock Lobster Quota Units.
2. A temporary transfer will be valid from the date the
transfer is registered to the end of the season it is registered in.
3. There may be a fee for this service, please check the Schedule of
Fees guide on the PZJA website or contact AFMA on 1300 723 621.
4. Trading in quota units must be traded as a whole number, they
can not be traded as a part number.
All forms are available from www.afma, , or
by emailing or by contacting AFMA Direct 1300
723 621.
Client ID is the 6 digit number that can be found on all the
documents sent by AFMA.
If you wish to complete this form online, use the writeable PDF on
the AFMA or PZJA website. Once completed, print and sign the form
before submitting it to AFMA for processing.
Fax, email or post this completed form to:
(02) 6225 5440
Australian Fisheries Management Authority,
Box 7051,
Canberra Business Centre ACT 2610
Application to register a Temporary Transfer of unused Tropical Rock Lobster Quota Units
Who can sign this form?
Note: A business name is not necessarily a legal entity. Trades must
either be registered in the name of an individual, company or joint
holders (partnership).
Individual - The declaration by the quota unit holder on this form must
be signed by the registered quota unit holder.
Authorised Agent - Your authorised agent can sign this form. You must
have registered your agent with AFMA as a licensing authorised agent to
be able to sign this form on your behalf.
Companies A company may sign in any manner (including under seal)
authorised by s127 of the Corporations Act 2001. If a company has more
than one Director this form may be signed and dated by two Directors. If
a company only has one Director, that Director may sign and date this
form. In each case the Director should print their name and note their
designation as 'Director', 'Sole Director' or 'Sole Director and Secretary'
as the case may be.
Joint holders (Partnership) If the quota units are in more than one
name (partnership or otherwise), all quota holders must sign and date
this form.
Please attach a separate sheet if the number of holders
exceeds the space available.
Power of Attorney or Authorities If a holder(s) signs under a Power of
Attorney, the attorney must state 'Signed by (name of principal) by his/
her/their/its attorney (name of attorney) pursuant to Power of Attorney
Register Number (number or date if not required to be registered in that
State) who states that he/she has no notice of the revocation of the
power'. A copy of the registered power should accompany this form.
The beneficial interests in any trust will not be
recongnised in
accordance with the Torres Strait Fisheries (Quotas for Tropical Rock
Lobster (Kaiar)) Management Plan 2018 - section 25(1).
Client Service Charter This form will be processed in accordance with
AFMA's Client Service Charter, available on the AFMA website This is subject to you supplying AFMA with
everything needed to complete the transaction.
providedonthisformundertheTorres Strait Fisheries Act 1984.
Consistent with AFMA’s objectives and/or functions and/or powers,
the information provided may be disclosed in relation to:
This form is to be used to register a Temporary Transfer of unused
Tropical Rock Lobster Quota Units for a fishing season, in
accordance with the Torres Strait Fisheries (Quotas for Tropical
Rock Lobster (Kaiar)) Management Plan 2018 - section 25 and 26.
Instructions for completing this form.
Part A - Current Quota Unit holder(s) details.
Enter the name of the current holder of the quota units you are
temporarily transferring. Enter their AFMA ID if known. Enter their
current address. (this could be an individual's name, partnership or
company name).
Part B - Proposed Quota Unit holder(s) details.
Enter the person's name who you are temporarily transferring your
quota units to. Enter their AFMA ID if known. Enter their contact
phone number. Enter their current address. NOTE: if this person is
not already an AFMA client they will need to complete a CF form
before this temporary transfer can take place.
Part C - Details of Quota Units to be temporarily
Enter the amount of quota units you are wishing to temporarily
transfer. You can enter the number of quota units or their kilo
equivalent. Only enter units (whole number) or kilos not both.
Part D - Declaration by CURRENT Quota Unit holder(s).
Once you have completed parts A, B & C - the current quota unit
holder should sign and date Part D and return the form to AFMA
for processing. Enter the name of the person signing the form and
the position this person holds, such as holder, agent or director.
What you need to know in completing this TT-TRL
(i) possible breaches of the laws of Australia or of a foreign country;
(ii) the control and protection of Austr
alia’s borders;
(iii) the administration and management of fisheries or mar
(iv) research or monitoring conducted, or proposed to be
conducted, into fisheries or marine environments;