John Borrower
123 Maple Street
Anytown, USA 12345
Today’s Date, 2017
Tim Q. Banker
Loan Officer
Big Bank Corporation
456 Corporation Avenue
Loanville, USA 12345
Dear Tim Q. Banker:
This letter is to explain why I had five inquiries on my credit during May 2016.
I was shopping around various lenders in order to find the best rate to refinance my home. I only
received one refinancing loan, and the documentation from that loan is attached.
I have enjoyed lower payments as a result of refinancing my home, which has made it even easier to
meet my financial obligations. As you can see, I have had no problems making payments either on
my new mortgage or on my other lines of credit.
I look forward to obtaining my new vehicle through Big Bank Corporation. You’re rated as the best
lender in this area, and I’d love to be a customer.
Please let me know if there are any questions or if I can provide any further information.
John Borrower