iLinkSBS User Request Form
Aspire’s iLink Service Center
(LMS) School Based Software Set Up 5.1 01/04/2021
This form must be completed in order to gain access to iLinkSBS for the purposes of accessing and maintaining student
loan data.
The User Request Form serves to identify, authorize, and establish a User ID and appropriate access levels for each
person requesting access to view student loan data routing through iLink. The form is also used to delete a user or
update a user’s User Security Profile.
Who completes the form?
The User completes the first three sections of the form as described below in steps 1-3 of Completing the User
Request Form.
The User Administrator on file with iLink Service Center will complete the Function/Permission(s) Requested
section as described below in steps 4-6 of Completing the User Request Form.
Completing the User Request Form:
1. Check whether the form is Adding, Updating or Deleting a user. A separate form is required for each action.
2. Enter Institution information.
3. User completes the User Information section. Please PRINT clearly.
4. Mark all functions or permissions to which New or Updated User should have access. To update user only
complete fields requiring updates.
5. The User Administrator MUST sign the form and forward accordingly.
6. The User Administrator sends the form via mail, fax, or email a scanned copy to:
Aspire Resources Inc.
Attn: iLink Support Analysts
6805 Vista Drive
West Des Moines, IA 50266-9307
Fax: 515-471-3981
Next steps:
An iLink Support Analyst will take the appropriate actions to set-up the User.
The User will receive an email containing their User ID and a time sensitive temporary link to complete the set
up of their account access. The User will be asked to log in by verifying their shared secret and registering
multifactor authentication token information (provided by the Authorizing Administrator or designee).
Users must also electronically accept Aspire Rules of Behavior upon first time login. The Rules of Behavior
explains a User’s responsibilities in using the system. If the Rules of Behavior change for any reason, a User will
be required to electronically accept the new version upon their next login.
Users can obtain a step by step training manual on how to navigate the system(s) from iLink Support Analysts
or by downloading a copy electronically from the site.
iLinkSBS User Request Form
Aspire’s iLink Service Center
(LMS) School Based Software Set Up 5.1 01/04/2021
Action Requested (choose one)
Add a new user Update an existing user Delete a user
Type of Company or Institution
School Lender Other
Company or Institution Name DOE ID (if known)
User Information
First Name Middle Initial Last Name
Position or Title Phone Number, including extension, if applicable
Symantec Credential ID (If you do not have a Symantec Token, call iLink Service Center at 800-833-4876 for instructions or
(S/N on back of token) one can be downloaded from
Shared Secret (Initial Temporary Password) **This will be used when finalizing your User ID and Password Information.**
Word or phrase between 6-20 alpha-numeric characters only, NOT case sensitive, NOT containing special characters, and No spaces.
(e.g.The answer to “Your Favorite color”), Do NOT use personal information such as SSN’s, mother’s maiden name, etc.)
User E-mail Address Signature
Function/Permission(s) Requested (check all that apply)
For Schools Only: Event Notifications
Change Processing and Refund Request Report Add Remove
Refund Request Report ONLY (ie, Business Office) Add Remove
Manage Users (Directors/Supervisors) Add Remove
Certify Loans Add Remove Receive Email
iLinkSBS Report - Response Report Add Remove Receive Email
Scheduled Report- Anticipated Disb Roster Add Remove Subscribe to report
(Delivered Weekly*)
*can be changed through
User’s profile online.
For Schools or Lenders:
View Loan Data/History Add Remove
iLinkSBS Report - Disbursement Roster Report Add Remove Receive Email
Scheduled Report - CDS Return of Funds Report Add Remove Subscribe to report
Authorized Official Signature
I hereby declare that the user account information listed above is true and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief.
I further certify the function/permission(s) requested are necessary for the user above to complete their job functions.
Printed Name of the User Administrator (on file with iLink) Date
Signature of the User Administrator Email Address of the User Administrator
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