This form can be completed by children who want to make a
disability discrimination claim to the Additional Support Needs
part of the Tribunal - we call this “the Tribunal” in this form.
Make a Claim
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Welcome to the Additional Support Needs part
of the Tribunal. We call this “the Tribunal” in this
form. You can check our “needs to learn”
website (coming soon) for word meanings and
other help.
You are not on your own. The Tribunal’s staff are
here to help you.
If you think you have not been treated fairly at school
then you can make a claim. To do this, please fill in
this form.
If you want to change the support you get at school
then you can make a reference.
To do this, you will need to fill in the “Make a
Reference” form which is available on our “needs to
learn” website at this link
To help you fill in this form please read the
Children’s Guide on How to Make a Claim which is
available here
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Your Contact Details
So that we can contact you about your claim please
tell us your:
Date of Birth:
Telephone number:
Email address:
The law says that the Tribunal can only send certain
information by email. The Tribunal may need to send
you information by post.
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Your Parent/Carer/Guardian’s
contact details
You don’t have to tell us this, but it helps us, if
your parent/carer/guardian decides to attend the hearing.
Please tell us your parent, carer or guardian’s contact details.
Relationship to you:
Telephone number:
Email address:
Your Responsible Body
Which Responsible Body is your claim about?
Name of Responsible Body:
Name of contact person at the Responsible Body:
Telephone number:
(If you are not sure what a Responsible Body is
then please read page 7 of the Children’s Guide
on How to Make a Claim before completing this
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The Disability
To help the Tribunal understand the disability, please
complete the following questions:
What disability or disabilities do you have
When did the disability or disabilities start
Describe the effect the disability or disabilities have on your day
to day life
Page 8 of the Children’s Guide on How to Make a
Claim tells you what the law says is a disability.
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Explain what medication and treatment you have
Describe how the disability or disabilities affects your ability to
carry out normal day-to-day activities
If you have any letters or other papers which
describe the disability and how it affects you then
please send copies of these to the Tribunal with this
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Your Claim
You must make your claim on time. The deadline
for sending this form to the Tribunal is 6 months
from the date of the discrimination that your claim
is about.
To understand about what information the Tribunal
wants to know please read page 10 of the
Children’s Guide on How to Make a Claim before
completing this section.
What is your disability discrimination claim about
Place a Tick in all boxes that apply
Admission to school
Exclusion from school
Another issue to do with education
Next, please describe:
When did the discrimination take place
Where did the discrimination happen
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Next, please describe:
Who was involved (Give their names and contact details)
What happened
Why do you think this conduct was wrong
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Your Supporting Information
Please send any documents you think would help
the Tribunal to understand your claim.
Is there anything else which you would like to tell the
Tribunal to help them understand your claim?
You can write here the name and contact
details of any people (we call them
“witnesses”) you want to speak to the
Please tell us their name, the position
they work in and their address + phone
and email details.
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Your Request to
the Tribunal
If the Tribunal agrees that you have been
discriminated against, the Tribunal will be able to
order that the Responsible Body puts things right.
Page 13 of the Children’s Guide on How to Make
a Claim gives examples of what they might order.
What would you like the Tribunal to order?
Note: The Tribunal may decide to order something
instead of or as well as your request.
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Your Voice!
Your voice, feelings and opinions matter.
The Tribunal will do its best to help you overcome any
difficulties that you have when making your claim.
Please tell us if you have communication difficulties or
other support needs.
What can the Tribunal do to help you with these during the
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Your Representative
To help make sure the Tribunal hears your views,
you have the right to have someone who will act
as your representative.
Please tell us your representative’s contact details:
Job Title:
Telephone number:
Email address:
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Your Supporter
As well as a representative, you can have
someone attend the hearing with you, to support
If you want more information about the role of a
representative or a supporter, or you do not have a
representative or supporter, please see pages 15
and 16 of the Children’s Guide on How to Make
a Claim.
Please tell us your supporter’s details
Telephone number:
Email address:
Last bit
Please read over the form and check that you have answered
all of the questions.
Once you have completed the form please sign here:
Your signature
(if you want to email us your form, you don’t have to sign it)
Thank you for filling in this form.
You need to send this form and all supporting information to
the Tribunal. You can do this by email or post.
Remember to keep your own copy of everything
that you send.
Our contact details are:
Additional Support Needs, Health and Education Chamber
First-tier Tribunal for Scotland
Glasgow Tribunals Centre
20 York Street, Glasgow, G2 8GT
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At the same time you are also required to send a copy of your
claim to:
Equality and Human Rights Commission
2nd Floor, 151 West George Street
G2 2JJ
You can send this by email or you can post it to them
What happens next?
We will read your form to see if the Tribunal can help with the
matters you have raised.
We will then contact you to update you on what will happen
next and, if necessary, ask you for more information.
For more information about what happens next,
please visit our “needs to learnwebsite (coming
soon) which has lots of useful information.
If you have any questions you can contact us on:
0141 302 5860.
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