The checklist below is meant to serve as a guide for addressing risks for an experiential learning activity. This
checklist may be used as a cover sheet for a professor who is planning learning activities outside the classroom.
Description of activity:
e of person or group leading activity:
and end date:
Checklist for faculty planning off-campus events:
If this activity is part of a class, I have included a description of the activity and any
special requirements in the syllabus. Educational objectives have also been included
within the syllabus. If appropriate, I have provided a schedule of working and free times.
If the activity includes third party placement of a student such as an internship, a signed
affiliation agreement or contract has been signed. Contact Department Head or Legal
Counsel office to assess the need for such an agreement.
You have notified your DH or Dean of your plans to provide an experiential learning activity.
I have considered the risks associated with the activity and, when appropriate, have developed
an emergency plan (see Lamar University Off-Site Experiential Learning Safety Plan
form). These include risks inherent to the work, location, and neighborhood. The emergency
plan includes a list of important phone numbers, including their external site contact
If appropriate, I have received a signed Lamar University Activity Release Indemnity
Agreement for Participants (18 years or older) form from each student/participant.
I have received signed Activity Release and Indemnity Agreement for Minors form.
I have discussed with my community partners the scope of the work my students will do (and, if
appropriate, will not do).
I have visited or am familiar with the site and determined that it is acceptable and safe for my
students to be there.
If appropriate, the students will have in-class AND on-site orientation to discuss the determined
risks and procedures to mitigate those risks.
If appropriate, I have made available to my students the training and resources offered by
Lamar University, such as lab safety, animal welfare, blood borne pathogens, etc.
I have encouraged my students to share any concerns with me.
I have a plan to regularly ask students and external partners how the activity is going and if they
have any concerns.