The Windmill Foundation Scholarship
The Windmill Foundation has endowed a scholarship fund to enable continuing, professional and graduate
students to attend Moravian College. The donors wish to assist students who share their sense of active
commitment to the community and to encouraging others to pursue educational excellence. We
particularly encourage applications from students from low-income families, from racial/ethnic groups that
have experienced historic disadvantage, or who qualified for ACT 101 services at another college or university.
Who is eligible?
Applicants must be high school graduates or possess a GED transcript confirming ability to succeed in college
level instruction. All continuing study and graduate students are potentially eligible. This includes students
who have been accepted to a degree or certificate program or enrolled as a non-degree student. Both
part-time and full-time students will be considered. There are no restrictions on age, gender, or stage at
which the student enters college – new or transfer students may be considered.
How to Apply: (Check off items as they are completed)
_____ Submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online at
Complete the Enrollment Notification Form and return it to Moravian College’s Office of Financial Aid
_____ Have transcript(s) of high school and/or any prior college work sent to Moravian College. These
documents are usually part of the application for admission. If they have already been submitted, there
is no need for duplication.
_____ All applicants should complete the application form and essay, and provide it to a Student
Success Mentor in Benigna Hall. We will contact you to set up an interview, if needed or desired.
Basis for Selection:
Selection is based on financial need, the application essay, and the personal interview (if needed).
Uses for award:
The scholarship may be used to cover tuition, fees, and textbooks required by the course(s).
Review of applications is on a rolling basis. Priority in making awards and preparing financial aid
packages will be given to individuals whose scholarship application and all other financial aid documentation
has been submitted before June 1 each year.
The Windmill Scholarship Application
**Please complete all application steps listed on cover page prior to submitting this form**
Date: _____
___________ ID#:____________ Birth date:________________
Name: _________________________________________ Home Telephone:___________________________
_______________________________________ Work Telephone:____________________________
______________________________________________ Cell Phone: ________________________________
E-mail: ______
___________________________________ Marital Status: _____________________________
# of Dependen
ts: _____
1. Educational program in which you are or plan to enroll:
_____ Bachelor's degree Major: ________________________________
_____ Master's degree
Specify: ________________________________
_____ Professional Certificate
_____ Teacher Certification
_____ Other (Specify) _____________________
_____ Non degree
2. Have you received Windmill Scholarship aid before? Yes____ No____
3. What are your
career goals? _______________________________________________________________
4. Write an es
say, not exceeding 1000 words, explaining why you feel you should receive a Windmill Foundation
Scholarship. Please include your educational plans, career goals and relevant family circumstances.
5. Please f
ill in the following information:
Anticipated number of Anticipated number of
units in day courses units in evening courses
___________ ___________
___________ ___________
___________ ___________
___________ ___________
Fall, 202 __
Spring, 202 __
May, 202 __
Summer I, 202 __
Summer II, 202 __
___________ ___________
Office Use ONLY
ID# ____________ Date Rec’d ____________
Status: ND____ D____ C____ Major: _______________________ Accept Sem: ___________ Total Units Completed: _______
MC Units Completed: ______ Current GPA: ______