The University of Texas at Tyler - Change of Minor
Questions regarding data collected may be directed to the Office of the Registrar. (HB 1922) 3/19/2020
NAME: ________________________________________________________________________________________________
(Last) (First) (Middle)
DATE: _______________________________________ STUDENT ID NUMBER: _______________________________
CURRENT MAJOR: ___________________________ CURRENT MINOR: ___________________________________
To declare a second minor, please write ‘Second’ in the open space.
If declaring a minor offered by another College, the signature of a College Advisor from that area must be obtained. College
codes are as follows: CAS = Arts and Sciences, SOULES = Soules College of Business, COE = Engineering, CEP =
Education and Psychology, CNHS = Nursing and Health Sciences
Anthropology (CAS)
Human Resource Development (SOULES)
Art (CAS)
Industrial Technology (SOULES)
Art History (CAS)
International Relations (CAS)
Asian Studies (CAS)
International Studies (CAS) **
Biochemistry (CAS)
Kinesiology (CNHS)
Biology (CAS)
Language and Technology (CAS)
Business Administration (SOULES)
Management (SOULES)
Chemistry (CAS)
Manufacturing Management (SOULES)
Communication Studies (CAS, Starts Fall 2020)
Marketing (SOULES)
Computer Science (SOULES)
Mass Communication (CAS)
Construction Management (COE)
Mathematics (CAS)
Criminal Justice (CAS)
Music (CAS)
Curatorial Studies (CAS)
Philosophy (CAS)
Economics (CAS)
Physics (CAS)
Education EC-12 (CEP)
Political Science (CAS)
Education 7-12 (CEP)
Pre-Law (CAS)
English Studies (CAS)
Psychology (CEP)
Entrepreneurship (SOULES)
Religion Studies (CAS)
Finance (SOULES)
Social Studies (CAS)
Forensic Science (CAS)
Sociology (CAS)
Genomics and Bioinformatics (CAS)
Spanish (CAS)
Geography (CAS)
Sports Communication (CAS)
Graphic Design (CAS)
Studio Art (CAS)
Guided Electives (CAS)
Terrorism Studies (CAS)
Health (CNHS)
Theatre Studies (CAS)
Health Communication (CAS, Starts Fall 2020)
History (CAS)
Remove All Minors
** Emphasis Area for International Studies: □ Europe □ Latin America □ 19
Century Europe □ N/A
(Only College Advisors and University Advising Center Advisors may sign; Faculty Advisor signatures are not valid)
Student: ________________________________________________________________________ Date: ________________
International Counselor: __________________________________________________________ Date: ________________
(Required for all International students)
Athletics Advisor or Director of Compliance: _________________________________________ Date: ________________
(Required for all student athletes)
College Advisor for Major: ________________________________________________________ Date: ________________
College Advisor for Minor: ________________________________________________________ Date: ________________
(If different from Major)
Return this form to the One-Stop Service Center (STE 230)
Office Use Only: Student Program/Plan Updated: ____________