The Scout Law and Cybersafety/Cyberbullying
Trustworthy. Be truthful with others online, and be very careful of the information you share. Do the right thing when sharing other
people’s words or pictures. Make sure you have the owner’s permission before using them.
Loyal. Share information about others only if you have their permission to share it. Uphold appropriate agreements you make
with friends when you play games with them.
Helpful. Alert others to scams, cheats, and suspicious sites. Point them to reliable and accurate sources of information.
Encourage people to report bad behavior online.
Friendly. Reach out to support others who are doing good things, like posting quality creative works. Support those who are bullied.
Courteous. Be polite and respectful. When you use other people’s work, be sure to ask permission when necessary, follow fair
use standards, and give credit to the people who created and own the work.
Kind. Treat people with respect when you are on social networks, playing games, talking or texting on a cellphone, or in other
digital activities.
Obedient. When using digital devices, follow the rules set by your parents/guardians, teachers, and Scout leaders. Abide by the
rules established by sites, services, devices, and games.
Cheerful. Use games, messaging tools, and social forums to build your relationships with others while having fun.
Thrifty. Be a smart consumer. Know your voice, text, and data plans and use them wisely. Be sure to study digital devices and
services you want. Before buying them, make sure you’re not overspending on functions and features you won’t need. Be careful
not to run up charges on apps and sites.
Brave. Stand up for what is right. Do not participate in mocking and bullying others, even if your friends are doing it. Report
suspected abuse to a trusted adult, like your parent or leader; call 911 or call the Cyber Tip line at 1-800-843-5678. If the incident
involves any part of the Scouting program, call your council Scout executive immediately or email
Clean. Use clean language and discuss only appropriate topics when using digital devices to communicate with others.
Reverent. Respect the feelings of other people. Do not use digital devices to spread irreverent ideas.
2012 Printing
Today we are online more than ever before. We use technology to save us time with research, connect
with others, navigate, and have fun. Here are some ideas of how the digital world and the Scouting
community can live side by side.
Remember that life is a balance. In Scouting, we focus on a balanced life through
our aims: character, physical fitness, and citizenship. Technology is a tool to help
us. It is not there to take the place of family, friends, the Scout Law, and staying
physically fit. Stay ScoutSTRONG!
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Youth Parent Leader