Rally Fund
Emergency Grant
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Form 1417 R-3 (1-24-20) TN/SL/AS
The Rally Fund was created to assist students who encounter unforeseen financial emergencies or catastrophic
events (i.e. not as a result of their actions), which would prevent them from continuing their education. These funds
are not intended to be used for routine expenses, nor as a supplement to a student’s educational funding sources.
Applications will only be accepted while college is in session. Each application is reviewed on a case by case basis.
Approval is subject to the availability of funds.
Examples of Qualifying Events
Sudden, unexpected homelessness or lack of permanent housing due to a natural disaster, fire, or
documented roommate dispute resulting in a need for short-term emergency housing (ex. an extended stay
hotel), or replacement of rental deposit fees (with documentation).
Housing insecurity due to unexpected loss of income or other unforeseen circumstance. Documentation of
loss of income (ex. layoff notice from employer or reduction in hours shown through paystubs) must be
Sudden lack of transportation due to car accident (police report required) or unexpected mechanical
problems. Student should present car repair bill and vehicle registration that matches the vehicle identification
on the repair estimate. Car repair bill must be dated within 45 days. If vehicle is registered to someone other
than the student, a signed statement from the registrant saying the student uses the vehicle to attend school
is required.
Loss of books, computer, or course supplies/equipment, after initial purchase, due to natural disaster, fire, or
theft (police report required)
Ineligible Expenses
Cell phone, credit card, utilities or cable/internet bills
Rent or mortgage payment, except under the circumstances listed under “Qualifying Events”
Payment of fines or fees incurred from parking or traffic violations
Car payment, gas, insurance, tags, registration, inspection fees, and other routine vehicle costs
Tobacco, alcohol, food or entertainment expenses
Requests must be submitted to the Financial Aid Office. A confirmation of approval or denial will be sent to your
my.waketech.edu email account.
1. Incomplete applications will not be considered
2. Students are permitted one emergency request in a two academic year period. Students may be eligible for
the Rally Grant or the Finish Line Grant, but not both within the same semester.
3. Maximum award amount is $500, documentation must be provided for all requests
4. The amount for which a student is approved will be based on documentation provided
5. Students must be actively enrolled in at least 6 credit hours in their program of study.
6. Returning students must be in good academic standing (i.e. student cannot be on academic warning,
probation or suspension).
7. New students may apply if all other criteria are met
8. Student must have no disciplinary sanctions on file with the college
9. Funds are disbursed through BankMobile for financial aid students. Student should be sure they have
selected their refund preference through www.refundselection.com
10. Funds for non-financial aid students will be disbursed by the Wake Tech Foundation Office by check.
Rally Fund
Emergency Grant
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Form 1417 R-3 (1-24-20) TN/SL/AS
Date of Birth:
Student ID:
Zip Code:
Please describe in detail why emergency funds are needed. DOCUMENTATION MUST BE ATTACHED. If
your documentation is incomplete or does not support your request, your application will be denied.
Student’s Signature:
For Office Use Only:
Reviewed by:
AS (D/A)
RH (D/A)
JS (D/A)
Approved- Amount Approved for:
Credit Hours:
If Denied, Reason:
Student Notified
If non-financial aid student, notify Wake Tech Foundation Office. Send copy of this approval form along with the
Foundation Check Request for Student Assistance Form to Meg Stradling, mwstradling@waketech.edu , Southern
Wake Campus.
FATR to Accounting Office