The Program
The CT Foundation Faculty/Staff Conference Grant Program was established to assist fulltime faculty and staff of
Chattahoochee Technical College attend professional conferences that are essential to staying current in their field so
students have a relevant and quality education. As college budgets have tightened, the Foundation offers 10 (5 faculty, 5
staff), $1,000 grants to approved faculty and staff applications each semester each academic year.
Applicants must meet the following criteria:
Fulltime Faculty or Staff at Chattahoochee Technical College
Approval from direct supervisor and VP
Application Process
Prospective grantees should complete the application answering all areas completely. Applications will be accepted early
July for Fall semester and early December for Spring semester. All grants are first come, first serve availability for eligible
applicants. Applications are submitted to the respective direct supervisor and approved applications are forwarded to
their department’s Vice President for review and final approval. Incomplete applications will not be evaluated.
If approved for funding, payment process will be determined by the foundation on a case-by-case basis. In most cases,
award payments are made directly to the vendor. With receipts of the approved expenses not to exceed $1,000,
payment may be made as reimbursement to the Faculty member.
Keep ALL receipts pertinent for payment. Also, recipients may be asked to participate in follow-up studies or
promotional efforts.
Additional Information
Submit application and all documentation to: Your Direct Supervisor; then the VP of your department, and finally to the
Chattahoochee Tech Foundation, via email at: We will use the time stamp on
our email to validate decisions. Submissions before 8:00 am will not be considered.
Questions? Call Amanda Henderson at 770-528-4461
Do not return this instruction page with your application.
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An Equal Opportunity Institution
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Special Funds Application
Faculty/Staff Conference
Grant Application
Applicant Name Application for Faculty/Staff Conference Grant 6/9/17
Please Print Clearly
Applicant Data
Applicant Name: _____________________________________________Date:______________
Department: ________________________________________________________________
Mail Stop:__________________________ Office Number______________________
Phone Number(s): Hm:_________________Cell: _______________ Wrk: _______________
Email Address(s): _________________________________________________________
(Please use email address you frequently check)
Please provide a brief letter no more than two typed pages explaining:
The conference or training
The benefits to you professionally to attend
The benefits to students for you to attend
The benefits to the College for you to attend
The need for the grant
Please attach copies of all supporting documents (promotional/announcement materials or
Page 1
Applicant Name Application for Faculty/Staff Conference Grant 6/9/17
Provide name of the conference and dates to attend:
Amount of funds Requested: $ _____________
Include copies of receipts/price lists from vendors if requested funds.
This application will be reviewed when all of the following materials have been received:
______ 1. Completed Application Form
______ 2. Name & Contact Information
______ 3. Brief Letter or Essay
______ 4. Any other supporting Documentation
The information contained in this application is true to the best of my knowledge. I
understand the nature of the grant as stated in the instructions. By signing, I authorize
the foundation to use images, quotes, and other information for promotional and
reporting reasons.
Applicant Signature ______________________________________ Date_____________
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Applicant Name Application for Faculty/Staff Conference Grant 6/9/17
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VP Approval
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