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The Patrick J. Pacalo Annual Diversity Paper Award
2020-2021 Academic Year
This annual award was established in 2011 by Patrick J. Pacalo, who earned his master's degree in
U.S. History from Youngstown State University in 1995 and studied Professional Writing and Editing
at .YSU at the graduate level. Mr. Pacalo made this award possible because he wanted to express
gratitude for the Alumni Foundation scholarship and to the University at large because the two entities
awarded him a tuition scholarship for most of his MA program. As a member of the LGBT community
he also wants to give students doing academic work in the field of Diversity something more to strive
for. Diversity encompasses so many areas and is a field growing in importance. Students competing
for the award need not be members of a minority group, but the papers must examine in detail the
role and/or importance of Diversity in the workplace, school environment, military, or the larger
Students taking the Cultural Diversity in Practice, course #5823, in the Social Work Department of the
Bitonte College of Health & Human Services, are eligible to submit a paper 3-5 pages on the topic of
"Diversity". The Dean may expand, at his or her discretion; the application of this award to include
any new courses added which include Diversity as a major portion of the topic in the syllabus.
The annual award will be determined by a committee, appointed by the Dean of Bitonte College of
Health and Human Services, judging the submitted papers. At present this award is funded by a non-
endowed donation by Patrick J. Pacalo. The award is to last for 10 years at $I00.00 per year to be
awarded to the paper judged best. Mr. Pacalo may elect to continue the award thereafter.
The scholarship recipient will be announced Spring Semester.
Application and paper (3-5 pages with bibliography) must be returned to:
Steve F. Katros, Administrative Assistant to the Dean
Attention: Patrick J. Pacalo Annual Diversity Paper Award
Bitonte College of Health and Human Services
Cushwa Hall 2104
Youngstown State University
One University Plaza
Youngstown, OH 44555
The Patrick J. Pacalo Annual Diversity Paper Award
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Students must attach a paper on the topic of “Diversity” 3-5 pages in length.
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which I am being considered.
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Application and paper (3-5 pages in length with bibliography) must be received in the Bitonte College
of Health and Human Services Dean’s Office by Friday, February 14, 2020.
Please complete the application in its entirety.
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2020-2021 Academic Year
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