The McLean Scholarship
for Nursing and Physician Assistant Majors
Description & Purpose:
The McLean Scholarship for Nursing or Physician Assistant Majors is provided through the Association
of Independent Colleges and Universities of Pennsylvania (AICUP). The McLean Contributionship
established a generous endowment in 1998 to help full-time undergraduate students who are enrolled in a
Nursing or Physician’s Assistant program.
Amount of Award:
This year the value of each scholarship will be $4,425. There will be seven (7) scholarships awarded this
Qualifications for the McLean Scholarship:
Each applicant must be a full time undergraduate student enrolled in a Nursing or Physician Assistant
program at one of the Association of Independent Colleges and Universities of Pennsylvania’s member
institutions, and have at least a 3.0 grade point average. Ideal candidates are campus leaders and
community volunteers.
Selection Process:
Each institution is asked to select one or two applications to submit to AICUP for the competition. Please
do not advise students to send their applications directly to AICUP as they will not be accepted.
Along with the completed application and required essay, students are encouraged to submit a copy of
their transcript, a letter of recommendation, and any other materials that they feel will be helpful to the
committee in making their decision. All applications must be signed by the student. Only complete
applications will go to the selection committee. The members of the committee will read each application
and select the recipients.
Applications must be submitted via the FileShare link that was provided to your institution. This is a
secure way for us to transmit and receive documents. The deadline for AICUP to receive nominated
applications is Friday, April 24, 2020. Please do not mail or email applications. If you have questions on
using FileShare, please email Casey Trinkaus at
We will notify each recipient by mail in July. Those applicants who were not selected will also receive
notification by the end of July. We will send the check to the financial aid office at each recipient’s
school in mid-August along with any other funds designated to your institution. The check will include
directions to apply the money to the recipient’s account. Recipients should notify the school’s financial
aid office immediately if the money is not applied to their account.
Recipient Responsibility:
We expect each recipient to acknowledge receipt of the scholarship to the McLean Contributionship. The
contact’s name and address will be included in the notification letter for sending a thank you letter for the
award. Recipients should also send a copy of this letter to the Association. Throughout the year we plan
various stewardship activities with our donors. Occasionally we try to unite the recipients of scholarships
with the donors who made them possible. We ask that recipients make every effort possible to attend these
gatherings. By attending these events, donors are reassured that their money was invested wisely in
independent higher education. It also makes a strong case for future support.
The McLean Scholarship for
and Physician Assistant
Application (Please print or
Page 1 of 3 of the application – complete both pages of the application and see essay requirement
on page 3.
I. General Information
Full Name:
First M.I. Last
City: State: Zip:
Permanent Address:
City: State: Zip:
Which address should we use to notify you about this scholarship?
Student Phone Number:
Student Campus Email Address:
Please Check One: Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior
II. Academic Information
College/University Currently Attending:
Major: Minor:_
Cumulative GPA:
GPA in major:
Expected Date of Graduation: /
Release Authorization
I certify that to the best of my knowledge this information is true, complete and accurate. I
authorize the release of information to confirm and/or verify this application, and I authorize
AICUP to use a quote or sentence from my essay in any AICUP publications (such as a
newsletter or donor report), understanding that AICUP will try to notify me of any such use prior
to its publication.
Student Signature Date
Authorization of Student Nomination
Each institution is asked to select one application to submit to AICUP for the competition.
Applications must be sent to AICUP from the Financial Aid Office. Applications sent directly to
AICUP from students will be refused. The information below must be completed by the
Financial Aid Officer. By completing the information below the Financial Aid Officer is
nominating the above student for consideration of the McLean Scholarship for Nursing and
Physician Assistant Majors.
Name of Financial Aid Officer (please print):
Name of College/University:
Phone: Email Address:
Signature: Date:
Application Deadline is Friday, April 24, 2020
(NOTE: Your college/university may have an earlier internal deadline.)
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Essay Requirement
Please write a brief essay describing your college experience, including the following
information in your essay:
Why did you choose your major?
What steps are you taking to insure that you succeed in your major?
What do you plan to do upon graduating and what are your academic/career
Please describe the primary volunteer/extracurricular activities in which you
participate. How do these activities relate to your major, and what leadership
roles have you have taken on?
Please read the following guidelines to use when writing your essay. These guidelines were
created so that the reading of essays can be done as efficiently as possible and failure to follow
these guidelines could mean that you would not be considered for the McLean Scholarship.
Limit essay to two (2) double-spaced pages.
You must have 1-inch margins (left, right, top & bottom).
Use a font that is easily readable and the font must be set no smaller than 11.
You may also include any additional information that you feel will be helpful in choosing you
as a recipient of the McLean Scholarship for Nursing and Physician Assistant Majors (i.e.
college transcript, letter of recommendations, etc.).
Completed applications should be returned to your Financial Aid Office.
The Financial Aid Officer will then select not more than two applications to submit to AICUP
for the competition. If you have any questions about the application, please call Casey Trinkaus
at (717) 232-8649, ext. 232 or send an email to
If you would like more information about the Association, you can visit our website at
Q. Does the student have to be a US Citizen?
A. No, the student does not have to be a US Citizen.
Q. Can the student be a freshman?
A. Yes, the student can be a freshman. However, the McLean Scholarship recipients must be
enrolled as a Nursing or Physician Assistant major. In many cases this criterion cannot be
met at the freshman level.
Q. Can the student be a graduate or first professional student?
A. No. The student must be an undergraduate student.
Q. Can the student be a part-time student or registered for only half the year?
A. No, the student must be enrolled full-time. A student who will only be registered for part
of the year (e.g., one semester) is eligible as long as they will be a full-time student for
that semester.
Q. Can the scholarship be held while a student is studying abroad for a semester?
A. Yes, as long as the student remains registered as a full-time student at the institution
Q. When can we expect to receive the scholarship money and to whom on campus is the
money sent?
A. You can expect the money to be forwarded to your Development Office around mid-August.
Q. Can a previous recipient of the McLean Scholarship apply again?
A. Yes, as long as the student is listed as a full-time undergraduate student. Special
consideration will not be given because the applicant won a previous year.
McLean Scholarship for Nursing
and Physician Assistant Majors
Who is eligible: All full-time undergraduate students
attending one of AICUP’s institutions who are enrolled
in a Nursing or Physician’s Assistant program. The
student must also have at least a 3.0 GPA. Candidates
should also be campus leaders and community
How to apply: Applications are available at the
Financial Aid Office. Return completed applications to
your Financial Aid Office for submission to AICUP.
Please note that students should not send applications
directly to AICUP - they will NOT be accepted.
Deadline to apply: Applications must be submitted to
AICUP by your Financial Aid Office by Friday, April
24, 2020 to be considered for the scholarship.
NOTE: Check with your Financial Aid office for any
internal deadlines you must meet.
*For more information about this scholarship
opportunity, check with your Financial Aid Office.