The Lurleen B. Wallace Community College Policies and Procedures Manual contains important
information about College benefits, policies, and procedures. I understand that I should consult
the Director of Human Resources regarding any questions not answered in the manual.
I have entered into my employment relationship with Lurleen B. Wallace Community College
voluntarily and understand that it is my responsibility and obligation to become familiar with the
contents of the College’s Policies and Procedures Manual.
Since the information, policies, and benefits described in the Policies and Procedures Manual are
subject to change, I acknowledge and understand that revisions to the manual may occur at any
time and that all such changes will generally be communicated through official notices and that
revised information may supersede, modify, or eliminate existing policies. Furthermore, I
understand that this manual is neither a contract of employment nor a legally-binding agreement.
I understand that this manual is accessible to me as follows:
Online at
Hard copies of the manual are available for review in the following locations:
- President’s Offices
- Human Resources Office
- Student Affairs Office
- The Learning Resources Center
I understand that it is my responsibility to access and familiarize myself with the contents of this
manual. I also understand that it is my responsibility to comply with the policies and procedures
contained in this manual.
I acknowledge receipt of this notification on the date below and understand how I may access the
Policies and Procedures Manual. Additionally, I will sign this Acknowledgement and return to
the Office of Human Resources. I understand that this form will be retained in my personnel
Employee’s Name (Print)
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Employee’s Signature Date