The Joint Financial Management Improvement Program
(JFMIP) of the federal government is a cooperative undertaking
for the Department of the Treasury, the Government
Accountability Ofce (GAO), the Ofce of Management and
Budget (OMB), and the Ofce of Personnel Management
(OPM). The JFMIP Principals are the Secretary of the Treasury;
the Comptroller General of the United States; the OMB
Director; and the Director of OPM. The JFMIP Principals work
in cooperation with each other and with operating agencies to
improve and coordinate nancial management policies and
practices throughout the government.
Since 1971, the JFMIP Principals have sponsored an annual
award program directed to excellence in nancial management.
The award was established to recognize senior nancial
management executives who, through outstanding and
continuous leadership in nancial management, have been
principally responsible for signicant economies, efciencies
and improvements in the government. In 1981, the award was
designated as the Donald L. Scantlebury Memorial Award in
honor of the Chief Accountant of the GAO and the chairman of
the JFMIP Steering Committee.
The JFMIP Principals will present the awards
at the JFMIP Federal Financial Management
Webinar Event on October 21, 2020.
All government employees who are senior
executives and have demonstrated outstanding
distinguished leadership resulting in effective
nancial management improvements over
the years are eligible to be nominated.
Nominees from small entities with fewer than
1,300 full-time employees will receive every
consideration provided they meet the selection
criteria. Previous nominees may be nominated
provided they meet the other provisions of
this announcement. The nomination should be
updated to include the latest achievements of
the nominee.
The Awards Committee will base its
determinations on two factors: sustained
leadership in nancial management and
specic accomplishments in nancial
management. For purposes of this award,
the term nancial management has been
interpreted to include, but is not limited to,
the following areas: accounting, auditing,
information technology, budgeting, asset
management, control and allocation of
resources, cost reduction, nancial analysis,
nancial systems development, management
analysis, planning, productivity measurement
and improvements, and nancial and
performance reporting.
The Awards Committee will give substantial
weight to sustained, high-quality leadership in
nancial management over the years
Long-term or lasting benet of the
nominee’s accomplishments and/or
exemplary leadership on the efciency,
effectiveness, and economy of government
Measurable improvements in
nancial management technology or
methodology resulting from the nominee’s
Innovation of the nominee’s
The impact of the nominee’s
accomplishments on government nancial
management policies and practices.
The impact of the nominee’s
accomplishments on his or her agency’s
nancial management as a result of
improving human capital management.
The extent to which the improvements
would have been impossible or signicantly
lessened without the nominee’s involvement.
The Awards Committee will also consider a
series of specic accomplishments for which
the nominee is primarily responsible and
where the results can be measured specically
in terms of improvement in service, substantial
savings, or signicant technological progress
adaptable to a wide range of government
nancial management operations.
Each nomination must include a copy of the nomination form below, a short biographical sketch
of the nominee, and a statement of justication for the award. Including the nomination form, the
nomination package must not exceed ve (5) pages. Submissions must be in English and must be
received on or before September 1, 2020 to be eligible for consideration. Any nominations received
after the closing date will not be considered. For further information, contact Dean Carpenter,
(202) 512-5188, or by email to
Agencies are encouraged to use incentive awards program channels for solicitation and selection of
nominees. No more than three nominations should be submitted from the head of your agency.
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Kimberly McCoy, Commissioner
Bureau of the Fiscal Service,
Department of the Treasury
Wendy Payne, Executive Director
Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board
Gary Engel, Former Managing Director,
Financial Management and Assurance
U.S. Government Accountability Ofce
Chip Fulghum, Deputy Under Secretary for Management
Department of Homeland Security
Mark Reger, Deputy Controller
Ofce of Management and Budget
Brett Baker, Assistant Inspector General for Audit
National Science Foundation
Tom Allen, Chairman
Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board
Robert F. Hale, Under Secretary of Defense
Department of Defense
Danny Werfel, Former Controller
Ofce of Management and Budget
Steven Schaeffer, Assistant Inspector General for Audit
Social Security Administration
Peggy Sherry, Chief Financial Ofcer
Department of Homeland Security
Earl Devaney, Chairman
Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board
Steve Isakowitz, Chief Financial Ofcer
Department of Energy
Sheila Conley, Deputy Assistant Secretary & Deputy Chief
Financial Ofcer
Department of Health and Human Services
Kathleen Turco, Chief Financial Ofcer
General Services Administration
D. James Sturgill, Assistant Commissioner,
Governmentwide Accounting
Financial Management Service,
Department of the Treasury
Thomas Cooley, Chief Financial Ofcer
National Science Foundation
James Martin, Deputy Chief Financial Ofcer
Department of Housing and Urban Development
Patricia Healy, Deputy Chief Financial Ofcer
Department of Agriculture
Samuel Mok, Chief Financial Ofcer
Department of Labor
Donald Hammond, Fiscal Assistant Secretary
Department of the Treasury
James Taylor, Deputy Chief Financial Ofcer
Department of Commerce
John Webster, Chief Financial Ofcer
Library of Congress
Mark Carney, Deputy Chief Financial Ofcer
Department of Education
Jesse Funches, Chief Financial Ofcer
Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Barbara Hafer, Treasurer
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Dale Sopper, Deputy Commissioner for Finance,
Assessment, and Management and Chief Financial Ofcer
Social Security Administration
Carole Stone, Budget Director
State of New York
Larry Eisenhart, Deputy Chief Financial Ofcer
Department of State
Jim Petro, Auditor of State
State of Ohio