The Corporation of the Township of Oro-Medonte
Application for Minor Variance
The undersigned hereby applies to the Development Services Committee for the
Township of Oro-Medonte under Section 45 of the Planning Act; RSO, 1990 for
relief (as described in this application) from Zoning By-law 97-95, as amended.
Please read the following before completing and filing this application:
1. Only complete applications, which include the appropriate sketches, will
be processed.
2. All submissions shall be accompanied by one (1) digital copy in Adobe
Acrobat.pdf format (USB) and shall include all sketches, drawings, reports
and supporting information.
3. Pursuant to the Tariff of Fees By-law, applicants will be responsible for
any and all costs associated with this application including costs incurred
in the event of an appeal to the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal.
4. One (1) copy of this application must be filed with the Township together
with the required, non-refundable application fee of $700.00, in cash or
by cheque made payable to the Township of Oro-Medonte.
5. An additional fee will be applicable if the subject application is within
the Conservation Authority regulation limit. Payment must accompany
the application and made payable to Conservation Authority. Lake
Simcoe Region Conservation Authority (LSRCA) fee is $525.00.
Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority (NVCA) fee is $200.00.
Additional fees may apply. All fees are subject to change.
6. If the application is signed by an agent or solicitor on behalf of the
applicant, the owner’s written authorization (contained herein) must be
completed. If the applicant is a corporation acting without an agent or
solicitor, the application must be signed by an officer of the corporation
and the corporation’s seal must be affixed and copy of Articles of
Incorporation provided.
7. Any amendments/deferrals/recirculation to the application will require a
$250.00 fee.
8. Each copy of the application must be accompanied by a sketch
completed on blank paper in black ink. The sketch(s) will be the
primary means of showing staff, Committee members and neighbouring
landowners what is being requested through this application. The
sketch(s) must be clear and concise and must include the following (where
The land owned by the applicant including the boundaries of the subject
and abutting lands;
a) The location
, size and type of all current and/or proposed buildings
and structures, including septic systems, on the subject and
abutting lands;
b) The location of all physical features on the subject and abutting
lands including septic tank and tile field areas, wells, rivers, streams
and watercourses, wooded areas and other vegetation, wet areas,
driveways, culverts, banks, slopes, unstable soils and the high
water mark of shoreline;
c) The location, width and names of all road allowances, rights-of-
way, streets or highways within 60 metres of the property,
indicating whether they are public traveled roads, private roads or
right-of-way, or unopened road allowances;
d) The location and nature of any restrictive covenant or easement
affecting the subject lands;
e) Where required by the Township, due to complexities in the
application or sensitive land uses, the sketch required shall be a
plan of survey prepared by an Ontario Land Surveyor;
f) Sketches are required to use metric units of measure.
g) Where possible, the applicant should provide “before and after”
sketches and elevation drawings of proposed building to assist
staff, Committee and neighbouring landowners in understanding
the intent of the application.
The location of all current and/or proposed buildings and structures, including septic systems, must be
shown by displaying their setbacks to the front, side(s), and rear property lines (if applicable)
9. If the minor variance(s) requested relates to the construction of a building
or structure, the proposed location of the building or structure must be
clearly identified on the subject property, by staking the outer perimeter of
its proposed location. Further, if the minor variance requested is for a
reduction in a required setback, the nearest point from which the reduced
setback is being requested (for example, a lot line) must also be identified
by stake(s).
10. The owner/applicant must post the provided sign in a location that is
clearly visible from the road and approachable to be read by the public,
and provide photos to the Township by e-mail to
to verify that the sign posting has been completed by the date noted on the
attached 2021 Development Services Committee Schedule (see attached).
11. The applicant or a representative is required to attend the scheduled
12. Alternative formats are available upon request.
The Corporation of the Township of Oro-Medonte
Application for Minor Variance
Application 2021-A-___
Roll No. 4346___________0000
1. Location of Subject Lands:
Concession No. _______________ Reg’d. Plan No. __________________
Lot(s) No _____________ Municipal Address __________________________
2. Name of Registered Owner(s) _______________________________
Mailing Address _______________________________________________
Postal Code _______________________________________________
Telephone Number _______________________________________________
E-mail Address _______________________________________________
3. Name of owner’s solicitor or agent: _______________________________
Mailing Address _______________________________________________
Postal Code _______________________________________________
Telephone Number _______________________________________________
E-mail Address _______________________________________________
Please specify to which of the following all communications should be
[] owner [] agent [] solicitor
4. Nature of relief being requested (ie: interior side yard to be reduced from
4.5 to 3.8 metres) (attach separate page if necessary):
5. Reasons for variance(s) requested (attach separate page if necessary):
6. Dimensions of lands affected: (attach survey if available)
Street Frontage __________________ Area ___________________________
Lot Depth _________________________ Shoreline Frontage _____________
7. Particulars of all building and structures on or proposed for the subject
lands: (Specify ground floor area, gross floor area, number of storeys,
width, length, height, etc.) (attach separate page if necessary):
8. Location of all buildings and structures on or proposed for the subject
lands: (Specify distance from side, rear and front lot lines and/or from the
high water mark of the shoreline) (attach separate page if necessary):
9. Date of acquisition of the subject lands: __________________________
10. Dates of construction of all buildings and structures on subject lands:
11. Existing use of the subject property: _____________________________
12. Length of time the existing use of the property has continued:
13. Existing use of abutting properties: ______________________________
14. Water and Sewage Information:
[] well and private sewage system [] municipal water and sewage
[] municipal water and private sewage system [] other (specify) ____________
15. If the owner previously applied for a minor variance on the subject
property, please provide details (Application number and purpose):
16. If the subject property is currently subject to another application under
the Planning Act, please provide details (Application number and purpose):
17. Present Official Plan designation applicable to subject lands:
18. Present Zoning By-law category applicable to subject lands:
19. Southern Georgian Bay Lake Simcoe Source Protection Plan
a) Is the subject land within a Wellhead Protection Area (WHPA) or an
Issue Contributing Area (ICA)?
Yes No
b) If yes, please identify the WHPA/ICA?
c) If yes, do you have an Approved Risk Management Plan (RMP) and/or
a Section 59 Notice to Proceed from the Risk Management Official
(RMO)? (Please attach the document you have).
Yes No
Permission to Enter
I/We ____________________________________________________________
(Print Name of Owner(s))
Authorize the Development Services Committee and The Township of Oro-
Medonte staff to enter the subject lands for the limited purposes of evaluating the
merits of this application.
Signature of owner(s)
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Declaration of an Authorized Agent (to be completed where an agent is acting on
behalf of the owner(s):
I/We ______________________________________________ as the owner(s)
of ____________________________________ in the Township of Oro-Medonte,
County of Simcoe, hereby authorize ___________________________________
to act as my/our agent with respect to this application.
Dated at the ___________________________ of ________________________,
this ______________________ day of __________________, 2021.
Signatures of owner(s)
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Declaration of Owner or Authorized Agent
I/We____________________________________ of the _________________
of ______________________ in the __________________ of _____________,
solemnly declare that all the statements contained in this application are true and
I make this solemn declaration conscientiously believing it to be true and knowing
that it is of the same force and effect as if made under oath and by virtue of the
Canada Evidence Act.
DECLARED before me at the
__________________ of _____________ }
in the _____________ of _____________}
this _____ day of ___________, 2021 }
} ______________________________
(Signature of applicant or authorized agent)
(Signature of a Commissioner, etc)
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Freedom of Information and Privacy
Personal information contained in this form, collected and maintained pursuant to
Section 53 of the Planning Act, will be used for the purpose of responding to the
Application and creating a public record. The Owner’s Signature acknowledges
that “personal information [is] collected and maintained specifically for the purpose
of creating a record available to the general public;” per Section 14(1)(c) of the
Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, R.S.O. 1990, c.
M. 56.
The applicant acknowledges that the Township considers the application forms
and all supporting materials, including studies and drawings, filed with this
application to be all public information and to form part of the public record. With
the filing of an application, the applicant consents to the Township photocopying
and releasing the application and any supporting material either for its own use in
processing the application, or at the request of the third party, without further
notification to or permission from the applicant. The applicant also hereby states
that it has authority to bind its consultants to the terms of this acknowledgement.
Questions regarding the collection of information should be directed to the Director
of Development Services at the Township of Oro-Medonte at (705)-487-2171 ext.
______________________________________ ___________________
Signature of Owner Date
______________________________________ ___________________
Signature of Owner Date
List of Standard Minor Variance Conditions
1. That the setbacks be in conformity with the dimensions as set out in the
application, as submitted;
2. That all municipal taxes be paid to the Township of Oro-Medonte;
3. That the proposed buildings/structures and landscaping on the property be
substantially and proportionally in conformity with the dimensions as set out
on the application and approved by the Committee;
4. That the applicant satisfy the permits and approvals required from the Lake
Simcoe Region Conservation Authority OR Nottawasaga Valley Conservation
Authority in accordance with the LSRCA’s/NVCA’s letter dated __________;
5. That an Ontario Land Surveyor verify by pinning the foundation wall and
verifying in writing by way of survey/real property report, prior to the pouring
of the footing and if no footing, the foundation, that the detached accessory
building is located no closer than _____________ from the _____ property
6. That the appropriate Zoning Certificate, Engineered Lot Grading Plan,
Pool/Fence Permit and Building Permit be obtained only after the
Committee’s decision becomes final and binding, as provided for within the
Planning Act R.S.O. 1990, c.P. 13.
Development Services Committee
2021 Schedule
Last Day for
Sign Posting
Agenda/Reports Posted
on Township Website