Rev 2/2020
The Connecticut Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) gives you the right to request and obtain records
of public agencies within certain limitations. You may request records that are not already available on
the internet through the Town of Easton website. The Town has no obligation to and may not perform
analytical work, studies, investigations, calculations, program reviews or create any special/customized
document/materials or retrieval in response to a FOIA request. Only public documents/records that
currently exist are subject to the law. There is an established retention schedule for all Town Records per
the Connecticut State Library. Records that have exceeded the required retention may no longer be
FOIA Request:
To make a request under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), please review our guidelines and
FOIA Request Form. Anyone may request public records, and a purpose does not need to be stated.
There are no restrictions on the use of the records. The allotted initial response time for Connecticut
open records requests is four days for the agency to acknowledge receipt of the request. The FOIA
request to the Town of Easton should be in writing, detailing the type, subject matter, date(s) of the
records requested and format to receive document(s). Authorizations and/or other documentation should
be attached if needed. You may pick up an FOIA Request Form at the Town Hall Department you are
requesting information from or on the Town of Easton website
FOIA Fees (See Summary of Charges):
Please be advised that you or your designated representative will be offered the opportunity to review
responsive documents or materials at no charge. However, there will be charges associated with
allowing you to electronically scan materials and/or providing you with your own copies of materials to
accommodate your request. The fees will be charged in accordance with Connecticut General Statutes
(CGS §1-212), FOI Commission and Town of Easton Policies. FOI charges will not supersede allowable
fees. The Town is entitled to require prepayment of fees of ten dollars ($10.00) or more in accordance
with Connecticut Statute (CGS §1-212(c)). Requester will be advised in writing of cost to provide
information prior to request being fulfilled by the Town. A brief summary of charges for fulfilling FOIA
requests is attached.
To Submit FOIA Request:
Completed forms must be submitted to the appropriate Department in person, by mail (225 Center Road,
Easton, CT 06612), or email to the Department. Please note that your request is also a public record and
subject to disclosure.
Rev 2/2020
Summary of Charges:
To review existing records (No scanning, copying, imaging)
No Charge
To discuss existing records
No Charge
A copy of an existing record, non-certified pages [CGS 1-
212(2) Two sided documents are two pages.
$ .50 *
Use of a any “hand-held scanner” (or similar hand held device)
by the public to make copies/images of documents
To certify a document [CGS 1-212€] or any fact appearing
page: $1.00 and each add’l
page: $.50
Maps, surveys, or records [CGS§1-212(b)(2)(3)]
• A copy of plans or a Mylar® not recorded per sheet [CGS§1-
• A copy of a recorded Mylar per sheet
• A photo copy or reproducible copy of a document by an
outside vendor
Varies by size and b/w vs color
Actual Vendor Cost
A record or report from a standardly available computer run
per page (existing report option)
(NOTE: does not include special programming, reformatting or
custom reports)
Computer formatting and/or programming to produce a
specialized or custom report [CGS§1-212(b)(1)]
Actual salary-rate/hour of Town
staff (plus $.50 per
page; or actual cost of
outside vendor and/or
materials to fulfill request
Computerized information stored with our outside vendors
which we Town have to pay for, if obtained, to honor the
Actual vendor cost and
materials to fulfill request
Copies of Town data available on separate electronic media
Actual Cost of Electronic Media
Board and Commission Members requesting copies of
documents specifically relevant to the current activities of the
Board or Commission for the purpose of working in
conjunction on the same issue
No Charge
Public request for hard copies of Board, Commission and
Committee agendas, minutes and notices by standard USPS
surface mail
Actual postage cost to mail and
$.50 per page
E-mails of agendas, minutes and notices created for Town
business that are already archived in electronic form, if
available per Connecticut State Library Records Disposition
No Charge You must retrieve
from Town website
Rev 2/2020
Town of Easton
225 Center Road, Easton, CT 06612
DATE: ___________ NAME: ____________________________________________________
MAILING ADDRESS: _______________________________________________________________
CITY/TOWN: _________________________________ STATE: ______ ZIP CODE: ____________
PHONE: ( ) ______-_________ EMAIL: ____________________________________________
1. Department Requesting Records From: __________________________________________
2. Please list/describe the document(s) you are requesting. Please be specific, i.e. include date
range and exact information. If you are not sufficiently specific, we may not be able to
identify the document(s), and this may delay your request:
3. Receipt of documents: ____ Review documents OR _______ Receive copies
4. Format to receive document(s): ____ Paper Copies OR ___ Other Electronic Media
I agree to pay such fees and costs per FOIA Fees (per Summary of Charges) prior to the release of
documents to me. I understand that payment is due to the Department from which I am
requesting records. I understand that the fees may be waived if I, the requester, am receiving
public assistance or can demonstrate other facts showing my inability to pay due to indigence
(CGS § 1-212(d) (1).
Signature of Requester: ________________________________________________________
Department Use Only:
Date FOI Request Received: ______________ Date Request Completed: _________________
Date of Initial Department Response: _________ Date Request Picked-up/Sent: ______________
# of pages: ____ x ($0.50/pg) = $ _____ +Media: $_____ = Total Cost: $ _____ Payment: $ ______
Department Signature: __________________________________
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