The Civil Air Patrol Aerospace Education Officer of the Year Award
Nomination Form
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Date Joined CAP CAP Grade Unit Charter # Date of Yeager Award
Justification (Attach additional sheet if necessary)
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CAP FORM 129, JAN 09 See Instructions on Reverse OPR/ROUTING: PD
The Civil Air Patrol Aerospace Education Officer of the Year Award
Purpose: The Civil Air Patrol Aerospace Education Officer of the Year Award is a
national-level award established to recognize and reward any Civil Air Patrol member
who is dedicated to promoting and teaching aerospace to the members of Civil Air
Patrol and to spreading the excitement of aerospace to their communities.
Nomination Guidelines:
1. Any Aerospace Education Officer (AEO) in the Squadron, Group, Wing or Region
is eligible.
2. Eligible nominees must be nominated by a professional or personal reference.
3. Nominees will be judged at the wing level, then progress to the region level, and
ultimately end at the national level for final selection.
4. Wings and Regions will decide how to best recognize the accomplishments of
their individual winners. Squadron and Group nominations must be received at
the Wing by 15 January; Wing nominations must be received at the Region by
15 February. Region nominations must be received at NHQ/AE by 15 March.
Nomination Package Requirements:
1. One-page overview describing why nominee deserves this award. (Use
Justification block on nomination form)
2. One-page letter of recommendation by person nominating the individual.
3. Two-page photograph collage with an additional one-page description of
activities, field trips, special events, etc. that depicts:
creativity in developing and utilizing aerospace materials for the promotion of
aerospace in the squadron, group, wing, and/or region.
cadet, senior or community involvement and activities that foster an
appreciation of aerospace education and its role in our society.
Three extra pages of documentation that enhance the nomination package. This may
include media coverage of nominee’s AE events, special recognition received by
nominee or nominee’s unit for aerospace performance, etc.