The Checklist
Go to and apply, complete housing, financial aid, and even book your college tour.
So many deadlines, we know! So here’s a checklist for the next year.
Visit Campus
By visiting campus you will have the chance to meet with professors, coaches, current students and
admissions staff. You will also learn more about campus and take a tour. You can book an individual
visit or a group visit – or come during one of the Visit Days in fall or spring.
Applying online to Dakota Wesleyan University is free and easy. In addition to a completed application,
you must submit a copy of your high school transcript and your ACT/SAT results.
Financial Aid
Remember, Dakota Wesleyan’s priority date for financial aid is April 1. Have your FAFSA (Free
Application for Federal Student Aid) completed before April 1 so you can be considered for the
maximum federal funding if you are eligible. You can apply online at If you have
questions, be sure and contact our financial aid office. Please let your admissions counselor know as
soon as possible if you and your family do not intend to complete the FAFSA.
Submit your $200 enrollment confirmation deposit before registering for classes. The benefit of
submitting the enrollment confirmation early is priority housing and course choices. The earlier you
sign up, the more options are available to develop the class schedule you prefer. You can mail a check
to the admissions office, pay over the phone with a credit card, or pay online at
Complete Online Housing Form
Submit Online Mandatory Health Forms
These forms must be completed by all students whether living on or off campus.
Registration Days
The main focus of new student registration days is to sign up for classes, but many other things happen
that day. You will take your student ID photo, receive your mailbox assignment, get your campus
intranet login and much more. Registration days are scheduled for April 7, April 21, June 4 and June 25,
2018. We’ll send more info as the dates get closer, but you can register for the date that works best for
you at any time.
Final Transcript
Send your final transcript to the admissions office. Your final transcript needs to be sent in a sealed
envelope from a school official, containing your graduation date, class rank and GPA.
Director of Financial Aid Campus Nurse Director of Student Life
Mary Alexander Donna Gerlach Diana Goldammer
(605) 995-2663 (605) 995-2957 (605) 995-2160
Dakota Wesleyan University Admissions Office: (605) 995-2650