The Admissions and Outreach Office is excited to host your group on our campus. To ensure that your
visit is a fun, productive, and informative experience, please review these expectations with your
chaperones and students before you arrive on campus.
It is very important that your group arrives on campus as scheduled. If you are running late
please notify your contact person or the Admissions office at 763-424-0724 so that schedules
can be adjusted accordingly.
Please plan to arrive 15 minutes early to allow enough time for parking and check-in.
If anyone in your group needs special accommodations, please notify us prior to your visit.
Our expectation is that you will bring 1 chaperone for every 10 students. Chaperones must stay
with the students at all times during the visit.
Chaperones are expected to cover the expectations and appropriate behaviors with students
prior to the visit
Each chaperone must serve as a positive role model for the students and enforce campus rules.
If there is a problem or inappropriate behavior, chaperones must take corrective actions
All students must follow campus rules and show respect for NHCC’s campus. Failure to do so
may result in the visit ending early.
All students must be respectful to all NHCC employees, speakers, and tour guides.
All students are expected to put away any electronic devices and turn off cell phones. This
includes devices such as iPods and headphones/ear-buds.
We expect that all students will wear appropriate clothing for the visit.
North Hennepin Community College looks forward to welcoming your group on our campus. We hope
this visit will inspire your students to pursue a post-secondary education at NHCC.
By signing below, you have agreed to the rules and expectations set by NHCC and shared them with your
chaperones and students before arriving on campus.
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North Hennepin Community College
Group Visit Expectations