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Academic Enrichment Program Application
Admissions & Records (916) 660-7340 NCC (530) 274-5302 Tahoe-Truckee (530) 550-2209
The Academic Enrichment Program is to provide high school students with educational enrichment opportunities at a
community college. To be eligible for consideration for this program a high school student must have completed the 8
and have a satisfactory GPA. This form must be submitted prior to the start of the semester or session. Each
semester/session requires a separate form. Homeschool students will be required to submit an affidavit from the California
Department of Education.
**Please see Academic Enrichment Policies and Guidelines on back of this form**
To be completed by student:
Name: Sierra College ID#:
Current School Attending: _________________________ Public: Private: Homeschool:
When do you plan on enrolling?
Fall: Spring:
Year: _____________
_________________________________________ _________________________________________
Course Number and Course Title Course Number and Course Title
_________________________________________ _________________________________________
Course Number and Course Title Course Number and Course Title
To be completed by:
School Counselor/Administrator (Completed by principal or designated counselor/administrator) Date:
By signing below I verify this applicant has a satisfactory GPA, completed and 8th grade. I verify that these classes are not
offered at the applicant’s school during this term.
Print Name Signature
B. Parent/ Guardian and Student
I agree to the Academic Enrichment Policies and Guidelines as outlined on the back of this form, and give consent for my
student to attend Sierra College in the courses shown above. I confirm that the student named above is able to
demonstrate the level of maturity necessary to act in a responsible, mature, and ethical manner in observance of the
College’s code of rules and regulations. I also understand that college courses may include adult/mature subject
matter. I give permission to Sierra College to release enrollment and grading information to our high school district. The
parent or guardian assumes financial responsibility for all fees incurred at Sierra College by their academic enrichment
Parent/Guardian Signature Student Signature Date
Sierra College Admissions & Records Office Use Only:
Completed 8
grade Satisfactory GPA Transcripts Approved HS counselor signature
Approve Disapprove
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Academic Enrichment Policies and Guidelines
To ensure your success as an academic enrichment student, the following questions and answers related to Academic Enrichment have
been developed to guide your enrollment. College classes often include adult/mature subject matter.
STEP 1: Meet with a High School counselor to verify that these requirements have been met:
You must have a satisfactory academic standing
You must have completed the eighth grade
STEP 2: Apply
New students must have completed an online Sierra College application (indicating that you are a High School student) at:
Within one business day of submission online, you will receive an email from Sierra College containing important information,
including your Sierra College ID number, mySierra login information and your Sierra College email address
STEP 3: Provide Documentation
Provide your high school transcript
Provide a copy of your Private Homeschool Affidavit when appropriate
Complete an Academic Enrichment Program Application
Each semester you wish to enroll, you must resubmit all of the above documents
STEP 4: Terms & Conditions
Accept the College Terms & Conditions by logging into your mySierra account
STEP 5: Register for Classes
You can enroll in a maximum of 11 units each semester or summer session
You are allowed to register after “OPEN” registration online through your mySierra account. Please reference the Academic Enrichment
Restricted Course List on our website. The college reserves the right to exclude certain classes
Academic Enrichment students are not permitted to audit courses
It is the student’s responsibility to register for the appropriate classes
What else do I need to know about Academic Enrichment?
Every year your high school (including homeschools) must submit an updated Academic Enrichment Compliance Form with the names and
signatures of all authorized personnel for the Academic Enrichment Permission Form; if the individual is not listed on the form, we cannot
process the program application
The course credit and grades you receive will become part of your permanent college record
You must meet all course prerequisites to enroll in a course, which may require assessment tests.
Students are responsible for being aware of and adhering to policies, procedures and deadlines (including Add/Drop deadlines) as
they pertain to Sierra College students. For example, if you are not present for the first class meeting, you may be dropped from the
You must maintain at least a 2.0 GPA at Sierra College to be allowed to continue classes as an academic enrichment student
The parent or guardian assumes financial responsibility for all fees incurred at Sierra College by their academic enrichment student
Students who need special accommodations due to a disability must receive these accommodations through their K-12 district
Students may be interacting socially with adult college students and may be exposed to discussions, readings, and visual materials of
a mature nature. Students will be expected to conform to the same performance standards as any other college students as set forth
in course outlines and syllabi. Sierra College is not responsible for the social interactions of students and is released from the
responsibility of monitoring concurrently enrolled minor students should a class meeting or course be canceled
Per Education Code Section 49061, parents of community college students do not have a right of access to their children’s student
records, regardless of whether the student is under the age of 18. High school student’s attending Sierra College must abide by the
same FERPA laws as any other college student. For more information on FERPA laws please visit their website at
Upon graduation from high school you must submit a new application; you will then be considered a first time college student