Thank you for your interest in the Voices of Northwest Florida.
The next step in the audition process is to submit a video audition and an application form to Introduce yourself at the beginning of the video, and then perform two contrasting
songs of your choice; song styles can include pop, classical, musical theatre, jazz, etc. You may perform the
songs a cappella or with a track, but make sure to sing in the video as if you were performing giving us
your best vocals and expressions! Please fill out and submit the audition form in the next page of this
application with your video audition by July 3, 2020.
You will be notified by July 10, 2020 if a callback audition will be necessary.
Thank you again for your interest in Voices of NWF. We are excited for what the future holds!
Director of Voices of NWF: Skylar Smith
Director of Voices of NWF: Joseph Greer
Chair of Fine and Performing Arts: Clint Mahle
*Application Form on following page
Voices of Northwest Florida Application
Name_____________________________________ Date of Birth _____ /_____ / _____
Street City State Zip
Cell Phone Number _____________________________________
Email address __________________________________________
High School (If Still Attending) ______________________________
Will you be classified as: ___ Out-Of-State ___ In State Student
Intended Major at NWF State College ______________________________
Please check applicable vocal category ____Soprano ____ Alto ____ Tenor ____ Bass
Please list two contacts for reference:
Reference 1:
Cell Phone number___________________________
Email Address ______________________________
(choir director/music minister/teacher/etc.)
Reference 2:
Cell Phone number_________________________
Email Address_____________________________