(revised 1-26-21)
The College of New Jersey Honors Program
Current Student Application for Admission to the Honors
Thank you for your interest in the TCNJ Honors Program. Internal applicants must have completed at
least one semester (with 4 or more course units) at TCNJ and have a GPA of 3.50 or higher. Applications
are reviewed on a rolling basis and must be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to the start of the registration
period for the semester that you intend to be admitted to the Honors Program. Students must be enrolled
in at least one HON or H-section course the first semester that they matriculate in Honors.
Please complete and return all application materials (application form, essay and two letters of
recommendation) to: Honors Program, Green Hall 109, The College of New Jersey P.O. Box 7718
Ewing, NJ 08628-0718. Electronic submissions should be sent to honors@tcnj.edu).
1. Student Information
Name: ____________________________________ ID#____________________________
: ____________________________________
Major: ____________________________________
Expected year of graduation: ____________
Beginning term: Fall £ / Spring £ Year: _____
2. Recommendations
Ask two TCNJ faculty members who know you well to provide you with letters of recommendation.
Recommendations may be sent electronically.
Recommender 1: _____________________________Department: _____________________________
Recommender 2: _____________________________Department: _____________________________
3. Essay
We want to know what distinguishes you from other intelligent and talented TCNJ students and what
motivates you to be part of the Honors Program. Please write a brief essay that describes an aspect of
yourself and how the TCNJ Honors program is aligned with who you are and with your scholarly and
creative goals. Be sure that your essay communicates something substantial and specific about your
passions and interests, as well as something about the TCNJ honors program that resonates with you.
Suggested length: 300 to 500 words.