A checklist that guides you and ensures you’ve gone through all the steps for
intake, setup and processing for your new FREE test clients. 
If you want a simple, easily repeatable process to onboard test clients - this is it !
It doesn’t matter if your new test client is a friend, family member or even a
REPORT) - the process is always the same for TEST clients. The checklist below
walks you step-by-step through the process. 
The only difference between a free test client and a real paid client is that
“paid” clients need to sign your agreement AND you will need to set up automatic payments . For
now, just take this expert advice and start with free test clients so you can learn the business,
build your confidence, get reviews, testimonials and referrals without any pressure whatsoever!
Ok, here we go... A new test client is ready to get started ! Woo-hoo ! 
You received a response from your Facebook post, or an email or the phone rings... Time to take action!
Click "Add New Client" Complete the Client Profile (Fill in entire profile including email and mobile phone)
Assign the Client to Yourself.
Turn Portal Access On
Choose No Agreement (Cannot be changed later, but that’s ok because it’s only for free test clients).
Click Submit (This saves the profile and sends a notification email to client with instructions)
Client Clicks the link in the Welcome Email and Set your Login Details for the Portal
Client Completes Setup Digital Signature
Client Watches Welcome Video
Client Orders Credit Reports & Scores
Client Submits Credit Monitoring Login Details (Follow up with client if needed)
Client Uploads Photo ID & Proof of Address
Login to Client Dashboard, choose “1 Click Import & Audit” then click “Run Import Run Audit Report”
Provide Consultation ( Discuss Simple Audit Report & use Test Client Audit Script to explain it.)
Review, Tag & Save Items in the pending credit report . (Once you do, the entire lifecycle is planned ).
Run the Wizard and Choose the Items you plan to dispute for round 1.
Print and Mail Letters to the Bureaus with Proof of Identity and Proof of Address  
You should prepare client to expect Responses in the mail & forward correspondence to you.
(It’s Easy! Just take pictures on your smartphone and upload them into the portal)
Sit back and Relax , wait 30-45 Days (Credit monitoring will refresh in 30 days, 
Follow Up , Collect and Review Correspondence received by client. 
Make Necessary Adjustments to Strategy if Necessary (Based on Stall Responses or No Response)
Click Reimport .... Run Dispute Wizard”.... then Print and Mail the next round of Letters . 