Enrollment Services Statewide Network
IDEMIA Identity and Security USA, LLC (“IDEMIA”) is pleased to offer a new service -
No Charge Authorization
Codes (NCAC), also referred to as coupon codes. This service will allow you to establish an account that is
backed by a major credit card (currently VISA, MasterCard, Discover and AMEX).
The benefit of a credit card-backed NCAC account is that your credit card is charged ONLY
when one of your
applicants is fingerprinted and an NCAC is redeemed. The applicant may select “coupon code” as a payment
method during applicant registration. The coupon code will need to be provided to the enrollment agent on
site as payment at the time of service.
NCACs will expire 1 (one) year from date of issuance or at the credit card expiration date, whichever comes
first. Expired NCACs will not be charged to your credit card. This feature is designed to assist you in
controlling the distribution of NCAC codes and assist in preventing fraud. The assigned primary contact for
your account will be responsible for issuing and controlling the use of NCACs provided. The assigned primary
contact should request all applicants to provide a copy of their enrollment receipt in order to assist you with
your record-keeping.
Please review the following guidelines before you open an NCAC account:
•A minimum of 50 (fifty) NCAC codes per service type must be requested at any one time.
Customers may open only one account per tax ID number.
Complete and return the attached NCAC Agreement, Credit Card Authorization and Customer Account
Information forms in their entirety to our Billing department via fax at 615-871-0845.
The Customer Account Information form is used to identify those email addresses to which IDEMIA should
send NCACs for your account.
Upon receipt and execution of the requested documentation, IDEMIA will provide your assigned primary
contact with NCACs. Allow 3-5 business days for processing.
Your nine-digit Federal tax ID number or EIN number will be the identifier for your account, along with an
account name. The assigned primary contact must provide this information to order additional NCACs.
Additional NCACs may be requested by submitting a re-order form, located at the “Download Forms and
Links” section on our web site, https://www.identogo.com/locations/tennessee. All re-order forms must be
submitted via email to: TNUEPAccounts@us.IDEMIA.com.
If the NCAC payment method does not work for you, other payment options are available.
o Credit Card onsite (Card holder must be present)
o Money Order or Cashier's Check per individual fingerprinting applicant
Steps to Redeem an NCAC
1. Pre-enroll and schedule a fingerprint appointment in the State of
Tennessee at https://tn.ibtfingerprint.com/
2. When prompted to choose the form of payment, select the
Coupon Code option.
3. NCAC “Coupon Codes” are associated with a specific applicant
type. Be sure the NCAC provided to the applicant is associated
with the proper applicant type. Otherwise, the applicant will be
prompted for another form of payment at the enrollment session as
the applicant will be required to pay for his or her enrollment with a
payment method other than Coupon Code.
4. IDEMIA will provide your applicants with a receipt, indicating
confirmation of payment by NCAC. This is not a credit card receipt.
5. Ensure that the applicant retains or returns a copy of the receipt
to you for your records if needed for auditing requirements. The
applicant may ask for more than one copy of their receipt at the
enrollment center at the time of fingerprinting.
Enrollment Services Statewide Network
This NCAC Agreement (“Agreement”) is between IDEMIA Identity and Security USA, LLC (“IDEMIA”) and the company or
organization identified below (“Customer”), and sets forth the terms and conditions under which IDEMIA will provide no-charge
authorization codes (“Authorization Code(s)”) to Customer for distribution to applicants required to submit to a fingerprint based
background check (“Applicant(s)”) through the State of Tennessee ,Digital Fingerprint Program.
Applicants will present an Authorization Code to IDEMIA at the time IDEMIA collects their fingerprints and verifies their
biographic information (“Applicant Information”). Upon IDEMIA’s collection of Applicant Information, IDEMIA will charge the
credit card identified by Customer in a Credit Card Authorization Agreement (“Credit Card”).
IDEMIA will provide an initial quantity of __________ (minimum order of 50) Authorization Codes to Customer upon execution
of this Agreement and a Credit Card Authorization Agreement. All of the codes will expire one (1) year of the
date of issuance to Customer or at the date of expiration of the Credit Card, whichever occurs first. Customer will not be
charged for Authorization Codes that have not been redeemed before expiration. IDEMIA will provide additional
Authorization Codes at a quantity (minimum order of 50) requested by Customer. The provision and redemption of additional
Authorization Codes provided to Customer will be governed by the terms of this Agreement.
IDEMIA will provide all Authorization Codes to an email address provided by Customer, in a password-protected file.
Customer may distribute the Authorization Codes to applicants via any method of delivery (e.g., email, US mail).
IDEMIA will debit the Credit Card for the amount corresponding to the Tennessee Fingerprint service code identified by the
Customer in this agreement.
If the State of Tennessee or other relevant government agency authorizes or dictates a fee increase or decrease
in Fingerprint fees, IDEMIA will charge Customer the new fee for any redemption of Authorization Codes occurring on or after
the effective date of the fee change.
Customer acknowledges and agrees that Customer will be responsible for all Credit Card charges for Authorization Codes
issued to Customer and provided to IDEMIA by applicants, regardless of whether the corresponding Authorization Codes are
obtained or redeemed by fraud, redeemed by persons to whom Customer did not issue the Authorization Codes, or that are
transferred in violation of any terms and conditions under which Customer distributes the Authorization Codes.
If a charge to the Credit Card is declined by IDEMIA’s payment processor or by the issuer of the Credit Card, or if IDEMIA is
otherwise unable to obtain payment through the Credit Card, or if any IDEMIA charges to the Credit Card are refused or
disputed, IDEMIA will require payment in full prior to or at the time of processing any further applicants of Customer, until such
time that IDEMIA notifies Customer that the payment issue has been resolved.
Please indicate acceptance of these terms by having an authorized representative of Customer sign below, and return
a copy to IDEMIA via fax at 615-871-0845.
Name of Customer: _______________________________________ EIN or Tax ID: _____________________________
Reason for Fingerprinting:____________________________________
OCA/ Provider ID/ ORI/ Service Code: _________________________
Signature _______________________________________________
Printed Name: __________________________________________
Title: _________________________________________________
Date: _________________________________________________
Customer Account Information
Legal Company Name: _____________________________________________
Legal Address: ____________________________________________________
Tax ID: _________________________________ *if tax exempt submit exemption certificate
Primary Contact Name: _____________________________________________
Primary Contact Phone : ____________________________________________
Primary Contact Email : _____________________________________________
Secondary Contact Name: ___________________________________________
Secondary Contact Phone : __________________________________________
Secondary Contact Email : ___________________________________________
Please fax this form back with initial NCAC agreement and credit card authorization to 615-871-0845
*Please note if contact information in the future needs to be changed, it must be done so through email to:
TNUEPAccounts@US.IDEMIA.com by an established POC.
UEP Credit Card Authorization
Current Date:
Nine Digit Tax ID or EIN:
Company Name: Contact Email Address:
Customer Contact: Contact Phone Number:
By Signing below, I authorize IDEMIA to charge my credit card ending in (last four digits of card) for the
Full transaction value of each unique ‘Authorization Code’ presented for the purpose of completing any
UEP transaction performed on my company’s behalf.
Signature (must be physical signature):
Printed Name: Email:
To Be Retained
To Be Destroyed
Full Name on Card: Card Type:
Visa Master Card
Discover American Express
Credit Card Number: Expiration Date: CSV Code:
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Franklin, TN 37067