Temporary/ Specialty Signage Request
Use this form to request placement of temporary or specialty signage on campus. Temporary signage includes
banners, lawn signs and other signage meant to serve a temporary purpose. Specialty signage includes signs that
do not conform to criteria specified in the UCO Signage Policy.
Please review the UCO Signage Policy at www.uco.edu/offices/ucomm/ApprovedSignagePolicy.pdf to ensure your
request follows university guidelines. Note that temporary signage requests should be made no later than two
weeks in advance of desired posting date.
To request permanent signage on campus, contact UCO Architectural and Engineering Services at 974-2576. Please
note that funding and presidential approval are required for permanent signage prior to contacting A & E Services.
Return this form to UCO University Communications via campus mail at Box 198, email at ucomm@uco.edu or in
person in Room 201, Lillard Administration.
You may submit your signage request at the same time you submit your design to Brand Review for approval. Add
brandreview@uco.edu to your signage request email.
Please attach a copy of the sign design to this request for approval. Note that a request cannot be approved
without a completed design to review. All designs must follow university brand standards and signage policy
guidelines. University Communications can assist in sign design and printing. Design guidelines can be found at
Name ___________________________________________________________________ Today’s Date ______________________
Off ce/Department__________________________________________________________________________________________
Phone _______________________________________________ Email ________________________________________________
Type of Signage Requested __________________________________________________________________________________
Placement Location Requested _______________________________________________________________________________
Dates Requested (may not exceed 14 days): From___________________ To___________________
Purpose of Signage _________________________________________________________________________________________
Signature ___________________________________________________________________________________________________
Approved Not Approved Date: _______________ Initials:_______________
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