Temporary Remote Work Agreement
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Employee Name
This agreement between University of North Carolina Wilmington and the above employee allows the employee to begin working
remotely effective as of the date of this agreement and is in effect until modified or rescinded by the employer or employee, or until
the current State of Emergency declared by Governor Cooper on March 10, 2020
(Executive Order 116) is rescinded.
Telework Start Date
Offsite Phone Number
List all University-owned property that will be used at the teleworking location (circle / list options as appropriate)
Monitor | Dual Monitors
Docking Station
Cables (number: ______ )
Terms of Agreement:
The employee agrees to temporarily work remotely in accordance with their normal work schedule unless modified by the
supervisor. This agreement is a short-term measure and will be reviewed continuously during the period of the State of
Emergency or until otherwise notified.
Compensation and benefits will not change as a result of this agreement except as defined by the terms of the Pandemic and
Communicable Disease Emergency Policy. The employee will continue to maintain an accurate record of time worked in
SmartTime/ExemptTime/LawTime. The total number of hours worked will not exceed the current schedule unless directed by
The employee will maintain productivity, performance, communication, and responsiveness standards as if they were onsite.
This Agreement does not change the basic terms and conditions of employment. The employee remains obligated to comply
with all state and UNC System policies and procedures.
The employee agrees to follow all information security policies and procedures established by the University of North Carolina
Wilmington human resources and/or information technology services.
All materials remain the property of the University of North Carolina Wilmington. The department will ensure that materials,
equipment, and other items provided for use in a remote work environment comply with safety standards. The employee will
return all property to the University of North Carolina Wilmington within 24 hours of the end of this agreement.
The University of North Carolina Wilmington's liability for job-related accidents will continue to exist during the employee’s
approved home work hours. The employee will report injuries immediately to their supervisor.
My signature below indicates I have read and understood and will comply with the terms and conditions of this Agreement.
Supervisor’s Signature
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