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Temporary/Mobile Vendors Application
Office Use Only: Copy of CDH certificate (if required)
Fee Collected: $___________ Receipt # ________________ Date License Issued: _____________
Start Date: ____________ End Date: _____________ Staff Initials: ___________
Permit Duration:
30 Days - $20.00 60 Days - $25.00 90 Days - $30.00 180 Days - $35.00 360 Days - $40.00
Application Date:
Owner Name:
Owner Address:
Owner Phone Number:
Owner Email:
Business Name:
Business Address:
Business Phone Number:
Business Email (if applicable):
Vehicle License Plate Number (when applicable):
Description of goods or services sold:
Vending Location:
Days & Times of vending:
Kuna City Code 3-9-7 states, Vendors shall be allowed to engage in their licenses business only between 8:00 AM and 3:00 AM. All
mobile vending units must be removed from public property during non-vending hours.
Letter from Property Owner Required if setting up on private property
Location setup diagram - Units shall be parked in a legal manner and vending operations shall be
conducted only in approved locations
Prepared food Copy of Central District Health Certification or Exemption required
Please note that if your temporary structure is a covered area or tent over 120 Square Feet
a permit and inspection from the Building Department is required.
Applications Signature of Agreement Date
Updated 04.22.2020_AW
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