Temporary Campground Procedures Unincorporated Waukesha County
Who has zoning jurisdiction?
If the property is located within a shoreland area (300 ft. of a river, 1,000 ft. of a lake, or the 1%
chance floodplain), the County has zoning jurisdiction. Please contact the Planner of the Day at
(262) 548-7790 or go to www.waukeshacounty.gov/planningandzoning for more information.
If the property is not located within a shoreland area, the Town has zoning jurisdiction. Please
contact the Town directly.
If the property is partially located within a shoreland area, the Town and County both have
zoning jurisdiction.
What types of zoning approvals are required?
An Unspecified Conditional Use Permit is required from the Town and/or County, as determined
above. The Conditional Use process requires a public notice period and public hearing. It may
take as long as three months to obtain a permit from time of application.
A Site Plan and Plan of Operation Permit is also required from the Town and County.
Details regarding the following site plan elements must be provided as part of a Site Plan and
Plan of Operation application:
● Signage ● Lighting
Placement of structures, temp. tents Size of site, location, type/no. of sites
● Length of event, length of stay ● Music/entertainment
● Waste disposal and recycling ● Organization of parking, amount/type
● Site accessibility for emergency services ● Impacts to crops/restoration of site
Neighbor impacts ● Noise
● Natural resource protection ● Liability insurance
Number of campers/attendees Sanitation facilities and potable water
Food preparation and service
Temporary or permanent structures and signage require a Zoning Permit from the zoning
jurisdiction noted above and a Building Permit from the Town.
Is a Special Event Campground License required from the Environmental Health Division?
Yes, a Special Event Campground License is required in accordance with Wisconsin
Administrative Code DATCP 79 and must be submitted at least 30 days in advance of the event.
The permit is good for no more than 14 consecutive days. A Special Event Campground License
application is attached to these procedures. Please contact the Environmental Health Division at
(262) 896-8300 for more information.
Adequate toilet facilities with handwashing, potable water, and proper garbage disposal will be
Each campsite is required to be a minimum of 800 sq. ft.
Can the property owner provide food to the campers?
The property owner or operator is required to obtain a Restaurant License if food is sold on the
property, unless the food is sold by a licensed caterer.
Are there any concerns related to access from a public or private road?
If a new public road access location is proposed, a local, County, or State Permit is required.
Traffic control may be required.
A traffic pad at the access point may be required to avoid dirt/dust from entering public/private
When does Waukesha County’s Mass Meetings and Gatherings Ordinance apply?
The County’s Mass Meetings and Gatherings Ordinance applies if 1,000 or more people are
expected to assemble for 18 or more consecutive hours.
The County Clerk must issue a license prior to the event for each day the event takes place.
N:\PRKANDLU\Planning and Zoning\Administration\Planners information\Reference documents for planners\Special Events and Mass
Gatherings\Waukesha County Temporary Campground Procedures for Unincorporated Areas.doc (2/23/17)
Waukesha County Department of Parks and Land Use License Application: SPECIAL EVENT CAMPGROUND
Division of Environmental Health “Special Event” means a single event such as a fair, rally or
515 W. Moreland Blvd., AC Room 260 festival involving the gathering of camping units for a maximum
Waukesha, WI 53188-3868 (262) 896-8300 of 14 consecutive nights.
(Please submit this application at least 30 days before event).
1. Estimated Number Campers: (Minimum of 800 sq. ft
per site)
2. Total Number of Sites:
3. Acres of Land for the Intended Use of Campground:
4. Wastewater: Number of toilets to be provided (See Table below). (Assume 50% Males and 50% Females).
Note: Portable toilets must be located between 75’ - 400’ from campsites.
Licensed operator servicing the
portable toilets and/or independent units Name:
Address Tel. #
5. Potable Water Source: ____ Municipal (Where are you obtaining the municipal water?)
____Private Well (Address of well)
The water supply must be from a safe and approved source. Submit results of bacterial and nitrate testing, performed by a laboratory
state certified to test water, along with this application. Note: Water outlets must be located within 400’ from campsites.
Water distribution system must be of approved materials, i.e., hoses must be food grade material and protected from backflow and back-
siphoning by approved back flow preventors.
Number of Males
Number of Females
Total Number of Persons
Required Number of Toilets for Males
( Number of Males divided by 125 )
Required Number of Toilets for Females
( Number of Females divided by 65)
Required Number of Hand-
wash Sinks ( Total Number of
Persons divided by 200 )
Name of the
Date and Duration
of Event
Name of
Contact Person
Required Number of
Water Closets (Toilets)
Males - 1 per 125 Females - 1 per 65
Required Number of
Hand-washing Units
1 per 200 persons
6. Solid Waste/Garbage Removal Service: Name
Address: Phone Number:
7. Provide a scaled site drawing of your intended campground (Attach additional pages.)
Show the total area designated for campsites (square feet or acres) and use the following symbols for their scaled locations:
Water Wells WW Solid Waste Containers W Shower Facilities SH
Water Supply Outlets WSO Tent Camping Units TCU Permanent Buildings PB
Toilet Facilities TF Self-Contained (RV) Units RV Designated Parking Areas P
8. Special Event Campground Fees Are Based Upon the Number of Sites as follows:
1 25 $ 90.00 26 50 $ 100.00 51 100 $113.00 101 199 $138.00 200 or more $195.00
9. Have you obtained zoning approval for the special event campground from your municipality or Waukesha County Division of
_____Yes _____ No If yes, please attach. If no, please obtain your zoning
approval and attach before submitting this application.
10. I certify that I am familiar with Chapter ATCP 79, Campgrounds, Wisconsin Administrative Code and the above described facility
will be operated and maintained in accordance with all applicable regulations.
Applicant’s Printed Name Applicant’s Signature Date
Department Comments:
Approved by: Date:
Copy to Applicant: ____In Person ____Mailed Date
Copy to Municipality ____Mailed ____Faxed Date
Submit this application and appropriate fees to: Waukesha County Department of Parks and Land Use, Division of Environmental
Health, 515 W. Moreland Blvd., AC Room 260, Waukesha, WI 53188-3868
Send check or money order-- DO NOT SEND CASH -- This application expires 12/31/17
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