Template 6.2.6: Personal Readiness for Change
This template assists you to understand levels
of personal readiness for change and to assist
conversations with individuals and teams to address
readiness factors.
How to use it?
Individuals can complete this readiness table. A
composite score for the team can also be compiled.
Rate 1-5, where 1 = Low and 5 = High. High scores
indicate positive levels of readiness.
Identify actions: Based on the outcome of the above,
what key actions are needed to increase personal
readiness for change? How can concerns highlighted be
addressed? What actions require personal follow-up?
What actions require attention at team or service level?
People in the service: LOW 1 2 3 4 HIGH 5
Understand the external forces that are driving the change and the perceived value of the change
Have been afforded an opportunity to have their say and get involved, have identied what is important to them
Are willing to let go of the status quo and open to a new future
Have resolved emotional issues from past changes and recovered from any personal toll these changes created
Have condence that decisions regarding the change will be made fairly and justly
Feel they have a degree of inuence over making this change
Are condent they will get support, access to necessary organisational resources and be equipped with new skills
Have condence in the leader’s credibility and capacity to manage the change in a collective manner
Feel they have the ability to make the change a success and full its requirements
Express a level of urgency about the change, and their ability to respond effectively
Believe they will be empowered as a result of the change
Are comfortable with uncertainty and can live with some ambiguity as things unfold
Adapted from: Ackerman Anderson, L. and Anderson, D. (2010: 81) [3]
People’s Needs Defining Change – Health Services Change Guide
People’s Needs Defining Change Health Services Change Guide
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