Telephone Redemption Service
PLEASE COMPLETE IF APPLICABLE: *Joint Tenants with Rights of Survivorship
Postal Code
Home Telephone
( )
Last Name
Business Telephone
( )
Change in Banking Information
Account Number
New Application
Branch Address
Branch Address
Financial Institution
Bank Code Bank Transit Bank Account Number Clearing Account. If your financial
institution does not have automatic
banking clearing.
Name of Account
*A specimen cheque must be attached
Your personal security code number is your choice of any combination of 6 letters and/or numbers. Write in your
personal security code number and then keep this number confidential. This number MUST be quoted on all telephone
redemption service requests, and will allow redemption from any of the Funds that you hold under Mackenzie account
number shown in Section 1 of this application form.
Complete this section with your previously chosen personal security code number if you are making a change in
banking information only.
Choose 6 letters and/or numbers
Metropolitan Toronto : 1-800-387-0614
First Name & InitialsLast Name
Social Insurance Number
Your signature must be guaranteed by a bank, trust company or securities dealer
and the guarantor must affix the company stamp upon the signature guarantee.
To: Mackenzie Financial Corporation
Please accept my application for the Telephone Redemption Service. I have read the terms and
conditions on the reverse side of this application and I agree to abide by its rules and conditions.
1= Mr.
2= Mrs.
3= Miss
4= Ms.
5= Dr.
9= Company
First Name & Initials
SIN number of joint
tenant if applicable
*Joint Accounts
All Joint Owners to sign
Any Joint Owner to sign. Default is all to sign.
Mackenzie Investments 180 Queen Street West, Toronto, Ontario M5V 3K1
– Mackenzie Investments /
– Dealer /
– Applicant
3. BANK INFORMATION – Please specifiy a Canadian bank, trust company or financial institution to which the redemption proceeds will be deposited
5. SIGNATURE – Please read the reverse carefully before signing
Telephone Redemption Service Application Terms and Conditions
1. Purpose of Telephone Redemption Service: Mackenzie Financial Corporation, as Manager
of the Mackenzie Sponsored Funds (individually a "Fund" and collectively the "Funds"), has
introduced a Telephone Redemption Service for eligible unitholders of the Fund to enable
them to expedite transmittal of their redemption requests to the Funds. By your signature on
the Application, you have applied for the right to participate in the Telephone Redemption
Service and have agreed to be bound by the Terms and Conditions applicable to the Telephone
Redemption Service from time to time. Please note that your signature on the Application must
be guaranteed by a commercial bank, trust company, or securities dealer in order to enable the
Manager to accept your Application.
2. Eligibility for the Telephone Redemption Service: The Telephone Redemption Service is
offered to all unitholders of a Fund who hold units with a minimum aggregate net asset
value in the Fund of $3,000 on a no-certificate-issued basis. The Manager cannot accept
telephone redemption request against units for which a certificate has been issued, unless the
certificate(s) has been duly endorsed for cancellation and accompanies the Application. Units
held by you in a plan registered under the
Income Tax Act
(Canada) are not currently eligible
for Telephone Redemption Service privileges.
3. Waiting Period for New Unit Purchases: In order to permit your purchase payments to
clear the banking system, you are not permitted to use the Telephone Redemption Service for
a period of 15 days following the date of purchase of newly acquired units, unless you hold
previously issued units with a net asset value in excess of your telephone redemption request.
This waiting period does not affect your right to receive income or redeem your units in the
Fund in accordance with the terms of the then current prospectus.
4. Security Code: When completing your Application, you must choose a security code number,
which will be kept confidential by the Manager. When you use the Telephone Redemption
Service, you will be required to give your security code number and your Mackenzie account
number. The Manager cannot accept your telephone redemption request without your proper
security code number and Mackenzie account number. If you wish to change your security code
number you must complete a new Application.
5. Bank Account Number: As part of your Application, you must designate a specific account
number at a Canadian bank, trust company or financial institution (the "bank account number")
to receive the proceeds of your telephone redemption request. Any change in the name of your
bank, trust company or financial institution, or your bank account number on your Application
must be sent in writing to the Manager with your signature guaranteed as set out in Section 1
of these Terms and Conditions.
6. Telephone Redemption Request: You may submit your telephone redemption request by
contacting the Manager between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm (Toronto time) on any market day at
1 800 387 0614. The telephone redemption request must be made at your expense and is
limited to a maximum amount of $25,000 per request. If the Manager receives your telephone
redemption request and your prior written or wire order redemption request for processing on
the same valuation date, the manager will assign priority to the telephone redemption request
and will only process the written or wire order redemption request if sufficient units remain in
your account and subject to completion of usual redemption documentation.
7. Your Telephone Redemption Request is a Sell Order: Your telephone redemption request will
be processed when the Manager is able to verify:
(a) your identity through the proper security code number;
(b) that you have designated on your application a bank account number at a Canadian bank,
trust company or financial institution to receive the proceeds of your telephone redemption
(c) that the net asset value of your units in the Fund which have been issued for more than 15
days is sufficient to cover the amount of your telephone redemption request; and
(d) that your redemption request is not in excess of the maximum transaction amount
of $25,000.
A telephone redemption request which complies with each of the preceding conditions
represents a "sell order" to the Fund to redeem a sufficient number of your units to cover the
amount of your redemption request and will be processed at the net asset value per unit next
determined if your telephone redemption request is received by the Manager prior to 4:00
p.m. (Toronto time). If your telephone redemption request does not comply with each of the
preceding conditions, it will be refused by the Manager without a sell order being processed
and you will continue to be the registered owner of all of the units you owned prior to making
the telephone redemption request.
8. Payment for Units Redeemed: The Fund will make payment for units redeemed through the
Telephone Redemption Service as soon as practicable and in no event later than 3 business
days after receipt by the Manager of the telephone redemption request.
9. Minimum Required Value of Units: If the aggregate net asset value of your units in a Fund
falls below $1,500 at any time, the Manager may upon
30 days' prior written notice to you, cancel your participation in the Telephone Redemption
Service for that Fund.
10. Charges For the Telephone Redemption Service: Each request to change your security code
number (a new application and signature guarantee is required) will incur a charge of $25
which will be deducted from your fund account. There are no other charges for the Telephone
Redemption Service. The Manager may increase or decrease the security code charge and/or
levy additional charges upon 30 days' written notice to you.
11. Joint or Corporate Account: If your account in the Funds is a joint account your Application
must bear the guaranteed signatures of each of the joint owners of the account. If your account
in the Funds is a corporate or institutional account your Application must designate the signing
officers who have signed the Application and be supported by an appropriate corporate
resolution or, in the case of an institutional account, appropriate documents supporting the
grant of authority to the signing officers. By completing and submitting the Application for
the Telephone Redemption Service you acknowledge that notwithstanding any prior written
instructions deposited with the Manager, only one person is required to provide the security
code number and access the Telephone Redemption Service.
12. Confirmation of Redemption: The Fund will provide you with a confirmation statement
confirming your telephone redemption request and all details in respect of the redemption. It
is your responsibility to examine the confirmation statement and notify the Manager in writing
within 30 days of the date of the statement of any errors, omissions or questions concerning
the confirmation statement. If no such notice is given to the Manager, the confirmation
statement will be deemed to be accurate with respect to all transactions reported thereon.
13. Manager's Limited Liability.
(a) As a condition of the acceptance of your Application you agree to indemnify and hold
harmless the Fund, the Manager and the Manager's employees from all liability and
expenses which may arise or be incurred as a result of (i) your use of the Telephone
Redemption Service or the use by others (other than the Manager and its employees)
of your security code number; (ii) the inability of the Manager to complete a telephone
redemption request for reasons beyond its control; (iii) the refusal to accept your telephone
redemption request if the Manager is unable to verify the conditions required by Section
7 of these Terms and Conditions; or (iv) for any other reason whatsoever, except the wilful
misconduct of the Manager and its employees.
(b) If the Manager is unable to complete your telephone redemption request for any reason
beyond its control after your units of a Fund have been redeemed, the Manager will
reinvest the proceeds in units of the Fund at the net asset value per unit next calculated
after return of the redemption proceeds to the Manager, less any applicable charges.
Neither the Manager nor the Fund will be liable for any diminution in the value of your
investment in the Fund in such circumstances.
14. General: The Telephone Redemption Service is offered by the Manager for your convenience
and the Manager will be entitled to retain any charges payable by you under the Telephone
Redemption Service.
The Funds will not bear any expenses relating to the operation of the Telephone Redemption
Service and a Fund's only reponsibility will be to pay the applicable net asset value for all
units redeemed. The Telephone Redemption Service may be discontinued by the Manager in
its discretion on 30 days' prior notice to you. Reference should be made to the Funds' current
prospectus documents for a complete description of your rights respecting the units of the
Funds offered and your participation as a Fund unitholder.
Privacy Protection Notice
Mackenzie Financial Corporation (referred to in this Notice as “we”, “us”, “our”, and “Mackenzie”)
has always been committed to protecting the privacy of personal information that we collect and
maintain in the course of carrying on our business. This Notice describes how we collect, hold, use,
and disclose your personal information. Please read this Notice and contact us through any of the
means listed at the end of the document if you have any questions.
Members of the Mackenzie Group of Companies include any affiliates or successor companies of
Mackenzie whose business relates to a purpose identified in this Notice.
In this Notice, your “Dealer” refers to an individual or entity acting or representing that it acts in
connection with your investments as your investment advisor, broker, or dealer, or on behalf of your
investment advisor, broker, or dealer. By applying for one of our products or services, you acknowledge
and agree that your Dealer is your agent and not our agent. We are entitled to accept and act on any
notice, authorization, or other communication that we believe in good faith to be given by you or your
Dealer on your behalf. We are under no obligation to verify that your Dealer is properly authorized
to act as your agent or is otherwise authorized to act on your behalf.
1. Client Record and Personal Information: We hold the personal information we collect about
you (and your spouse and/or beneficiary as applicable) for the purposes identified in this Notice
in a record called the “client record”. Depending on the investment or service you request, the
personal information in your client record may include your name, address, telephone number,
social insurance number (“SIN”), birth date, account holdings, and the name, address, and SIN
of your spouse and/or beneficiary among other information. For example, if you have established
a pre-authorized payment plan, your financial institution account number is also held in your
client record. Where you provide personal information about another individual, you represent
to us that you are authorized to disclose such information to us.
2. Providing Your Personal Information to Us: When you or your Dealer complete an application
form or otherwise open an account with Mackenzie, you are providing personal information to
Mackenzie, including, where applicable, personal information concerning your spouse and/or
beneficiary, in order to:
A. make an investment;
B. provide instructions about an investment you have made; or
C. receive information related to an investment you have made.
Mackenzie collects this personal information, holds it in your client record, uses it, and discloses
it for the purposes identified in this Notice.
3. Collecting, Holding, Using, and Disclosing Personal Information in Your Client Record:
Mackenzie may collect, hold, and use the personal information in your client record as well as
collect personal information from and disclose personal information to the third parties identified
in paragraph 4 for the following purposes:
A. identifying you and ensuring the accuracy of information contained in your client record;
B. establishing and administering your account, determining, maintaining, recording, and
storing account holdings and transaction information in your client record;
C. executing transactions with or through Mackenzie including transferring funds by electronic
or other means;
D. providing you and your Dealer with account statements, transaction confirmations, tax
receipts, financial statements, proxy mailings, registered plan notices, and other information
which you or your Dealer may request as needed to service your account;
E. verifying information previously given by you with any other organization when necessary
for the purposes provided in this Notice;
F. processing pre-authorized debit transactions;
G. collecting a debt owed to Mackenzie;
H. engaging in the financing or sale of all or part of our businesses, reorganizing our businesses,
and obtaining and submitting insurance claims; and
I. meeting legal and regulatory requirements.
4. Third Parties:
A. Mackenzie may collect your personal information for the purposes identified in this Notice
from third parties such as your Dealer, other companies in the Mackenzie Group of Companies,
other financial institutions and mutual fund companies, and from third parties who represent
that they have the right to disclose the information.
B. Mackenzie may transfer your personal information for the purposes identified in this Notice
to our service providers, such as account statement preparation and mailing companies,
courier companies, imaging companies, and document storage companies. When Mackenzie
transfers personal information to our service providers, we ensure by contractual means
that the transferred personal information is used only for the purposes for which the service
provider is retained and is protected to the same degree as it is when in our possession. We
may use service providers located outside of Canada, and where we do, personal information
may be disclosed in accordance with the laws of the jurisdiction in which the service provider
is located, including to the government in that jurisdiction and its agencies.
C. Mackenzie may disclose your personal information to third parties where permitted or
required by law, such as disclosure for tax purposes to the Canada Revenue Agency.
D. Mackenzie may disclose your personal information for the purposes identified in this Notice
to third parties such as your Dealer, third party service providers, data-processing firms,
other companies in the Mackenzie Group of Companies, other financial institutions and
mutual fund companies, and group plan administrators. If you wish to withdraw consent
to the continuation of this type of information sharing or discuss the implications of such
withdrawal, please contact us. Your decision to withdraw consent may prevent Mackenzie
from providing or continuing to provide products and services to you because the disclosure
to third parties is a necessary part of making the product or service available to you.
5. Using Your SIN: By law, Mackenzie is required to use your SIN when submitting tax reports to the
Canada Revenue Agency. We may use your SIN as an identifier for reasons such as consolidating
your holdings so that fees associated with your account are reduced or are not charged more
than once, or that your mailings are delivered in one envelope or are not duplicated. Also, we
may share your SIN as a unique identifier for the purposes identified in this Notice to third
parties such as your Dealer, group plan sponsor, and third party service providers. If you have
any questions or concerns about the use of your SIN please contact us.
6. Location of Your Client Record: Your client record is kept in electronic, microfilm, or paper
format primarily in Toronto, but it may also be kept in other Canadian locations. To request
access to your client record, please contact us.
7. Changes to Your Personal Information: Please inform Mackenzie promptly of any change in
the personal information that you have provided.
8. Right to Access and Rectify Personal Information: You are entitled to access, through a
written request, the personal information contained in your client record, subject to limited
exceptions set out in law. You may verify this personal information and request that any inaccurate
information be corrected. To access and correct your personal information, please contact us.
9. Resolving Your Questions and Concerns: If your concerns about access to and/or the correction
of your personal information have not been resolved to your satisfaction, or if you have any
questions or other concerns about our management of your personal information, you can
contact the Privacy Compliance Officer, Mackenzie Financial Corporation, 180 Queen Street
West, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 3K1. You may also send an email to privacy@mackenziefinancial.
com. If after contacting the Privacy Compliance Officer your question or concern has not been
resolved, we can direct you to the appropriate federal or provincial Privacy Commissioner.
Mackenzie Client Services:
Telephone: 416-922-3217 or 1-800-387-0614
Revised: January 2012
AP1013 03212 11/16
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