Teen Volunteer: Contract & Application Form
Dear Teen,
Thank you for your interest in volunteering at the St. Johns County Pet Center.
Teens must finish 8
grade before they may volunteer. Teen Volunteers need to
be between the ages of 14 and 17. Court-ordered volunteers are not accepted.
Read and sign this application.
Attend a Wednesday afternoon Volunteer Orientation at 3:30 pm.
Volunteer letters for teens are available upon request. The letters will be
available at the front desk.
The Pet Center reserves the right to terminate teens who are not a good fit
for the pets or teens who are disruptive.
Socialization of kittens and/or cats.
Socialization, playing, bathing, walking of puppies and/or dogs
Making litter boxes and/or carrier boxes.
More tasks may be offered as you gain experience
Sign in and out on your time sheet in the Volunteer Notebook (when you
arrive for your shift and before you leave).
Be courteous to Pet Center patrons, staff, and other volunteers.
Keep cell phone use to a minimum.
Dress Code:
Masks are to be worn at all times.
Please wear a NAME TAG while volunteering at the Pet Center.
Closed-toed shoes are required. You will be sent home if you wear sandals,
flip-flops, etc.
Dress by school dress code guidelines. No cut-off or frayed clothing,
revealing clothing, short skirts or shorts, bare midriffs, etc.
T-shirts with graphics relating to violence, drugs, alcohol, etc. are
Name: _____________________________________ Date: ____________
Grade: _____________ Date of Birth_________________
Name: ______________________________________ Date: ____________
Teen Volunteer
Please read the application. Initial each line and sign below:
_____ I have read the application information completely.
_____ I will behave and dress appropriately in the Pet Center.
_____ I will keep track of my time on the time sheet.
Teen Volunteer Signature _____________________________________
Date: _____________
Please read the application. Initial each line and sign below:
____ I have read the application form with my teen.
____ I will make sure that my teen is with me at all times (if applicable)
____ I understand that my teen may not be dropped off, and that transportation
must be on site at all times.
Parent/Guardian Signature ___________________________________
Date: _____________