College of Education and Allied Studies
Credential Student Service Center
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Phone: (510) 885-2272
Teaching Credential Program Admissions Checklist
Please use this checklist to ensure that you have submitted all of the appropriate materials in the application packet. Once complete,
upload to application. For your records, please make copies of your documents before submitting.
Last Name:
First Name:
Birth/Given Name (Pronouns):
Last 4 digits of SSN:
Term/Year Applying for:
Multiple Subject Single Subject in: ________________________ On-Campus Online
All program applicants are required to participate in an interview with a College of Education faculty member. After you
have submitted your application packet, you will be notified for an interview. See requirements below:
Department Admission Requirements:
1. Department Application:
2. Admissions Checklist (this form)
3. Statement of Purpose with cover sheet
4. Letters of Recommendation (2) - (from someone who has observed you working with groups of K-12 students)
5. Early Field Experience Verification form(s): Verifying minimum of 45 hours of field experience working with groups of K-
12 students within the last 3 years, 15 hours in a public-school classroom, within the last 2 years
6. Transcripts: Copy of official bachelor degree bearing transcript. If still in progress, official transcript once degree is
conferred. Please list the college or university and major where your bachelor’s degree was obtained from (i.e. B.A.
degree in Communications from CSU East Bay):
7. GPA: Minimum of 2.67
8. University Application (Cal State Apply):
9. Tuberculosis (TB) Clearance: Negative test report (skin/blood: 3 years; x-ray: 5 years)
10. Certificate of Clearance (or valid CTC document)
11. Basic Skills Requirement: Copy of official CBEST scores or another official test report
12. Subject Matter Competency: Copy of official passing of CSET or Subject Matter Waiver letter. Or, proof of registration for
all CSET subtests or proof of pending Subject matter waiver letter
13. U.S. Constitution: Verification provided on transcript or exam certificate in color
For specifics on deadlines and “how to submit”, visit:
Your admission to a credential program is based upon meeting all requirements specified above, as well as contingent upon the CSU
budget. A reduction in the CSU budget may affect the admission of qualified applicants to the credential program. By signing below, you
are attesting to having met requirements above and that if you fail to do so, may lead to being disqualified from admission into the
credential program at California State University, East Bay.
Signature: ______________________________________________ Date: __________________________