Tax Worksheet for Self-employed, Independent contractors, Sole proprietors, Single LLC
LLCs & 1099-MISC with box 7 income listed.
Try your best to fill this out. If you’re not sure where something goes don’t worry, every expense on here,
except for meals, is deducted at the same rate. If it goes in the wrong category it does not affect the bottom line.
If you also get a W2 for this same line of work you must split expenses between this form and an Unreimbursed
Employee Expense form. Only put expenses here that correspond to the income categories above.
Business Name:
Type of Business:
Did you begin the business this year? Y / N
Gross Income
COGS (if you sell product)
Total Income
COGS Cost of Goods Sold.
(Only use this section if you sell product)
Opening Inventory
(value of inventory on
1/1 - the 1st year it is 0)
Inventory Purchases
Materials & Supplies
Ending Inventory (value
of inventory on 12/31)
Type of Auto:
Date you began using it for business:
Business Miles driven this year:
Other Miles driven this year:
You only need to continue with auto section if you
spend a lot on maintenance (otherwise the mileage
rate above will be a better deduction)
Meals while away from home
Bus, train, taxi, parking, tolls
Advertising (Website, Business
cards, Marketing, etc.)
Commissions & fees you paid
Contract labor
Health Insurance if not covered by
spouse or employer plan
Mortgage interest (business)
Interest on business credit cards
Legal & Professional Services
Office Expense (ink, paper, etc.)
Rent of machinery, instruments,
storage, studio/office space
Supplies (supplies unique to your
business, i.e. acupuncture needles)
Taxes & Licenses
Meals/Entertainment ($ you spent
with the expectation of making
Utilities for a business property (not
including home office)
Wages you paid an employee
Training, Cont. Ed., Conferences
Cell Phone (business use % only)
Trade Publications, Subscriptions
Memberships, Dues
Client Gifts
Promotional Items
Local Transportation, Parking/Tolls
Uniform Purchase/Maintenance (i.e.
dry cleaning of lab coat, scrubs, etc)
HOME OFFICE (Only if space is exclusively
used for business and it is for your
employer’s convenience not yours, i.e. they
don’t offer you a work space)
Square feet used for business
Total square footage of home
Total utilities (electric, gas, garbage)
Rent (total for the year)
Renter’s Insurance
$ spent specifically on the office space
If you own your home also include:
Mortgage Interest
Property Taxes
Homeowner’s Insurance
If you want to take more than the $1500 safe
harbor home office deduction we’ll need to
depreciate the structure every year.
If you already have a depreciation schedule
make sure I have your last year’s tax return so I
can follow it. Otherwise, answer the following:
Date you purchased the property
Date you began using the home office
Purchase price or Fair Market Value on
the date it became a home office
(whichever is lower)
Value of the land*
*Only the structure is depreciated. You must
figure out the land value. You can do this by:
1. Finding it on the appraisal,
2. Getting an appraisal if you haven’t,
3. Looking at sales of comparable raw land in
your area,
4. Looking on the real estate assessment for
the property to figure out what the land portion
is on the property tax.
Did you purchase anything over $500 for the
business this year? If so please fill out the
following per item:
Item Name
Date purchased
Percent of
business use
Item Name
Date purchased
Percent of
business use
If you have more of these list below.
Use this space to tell us anything else you
think we should know or list any items
you’re wondering if you can deduct:
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