Revised October 2013
SUNY Orange County Community College
Directions: The Travel Approval Request and Liability Waiver Form must be completed for all local, state, and
international trips. Once appropriate signatures are obtained, this form must be submitted, two weeks in advance, to
the VP of Administration & Finance for final approval. International trips must be approved by the President by
October 1
of the academic year in which the trip will be offered. Complete the following information and obtain the
required signatures.
Trip Organizer : Today’s Date:
Phone # during trip: Departure Date:
Return Date:
Name of Course/Club: # of people participating: ______
Method of Transportation: (e.g. bus, van, student providing own transportation)
Destination(s) & Purpose of Trip:
Yes, “Waiver of Liability” forms will be collected from all participants by trip organizer prior to travel.
Liability forms are to be filed with sponsoring department. Each area VP will send approved travel request form and
liability forms to Security. In the event of an emergency while on the trip, please call Security at 341-4710.
I have read and understand the instructions for travel.
Faculty Class Trip(s)
Department Chair Date
Student Services Trip(s)
Club Advisor Date
Director of Student Activities Date
International Study/Travel(s)*
Associate Vice President Date
President Date
*Itinerary must be attached. Advertisement of trip is acceptable after approval from the President.
*All participants must enroll in either a 1-credit seminar/course or a non-credit course through OCCC.
*Participants are encouraged to obtain travel insurance. If they do not, they must so indicate on the waiver form.
Director of Continuing & Prof. Education Date
The signature of the Vice President for Administration below denotes final approval for all travel requests.
Vice President Administration Date