SECTION I (to be completed by student)
Student Name__________________________________________________________ GCID________________________________
Local Address________________________________________________________________________________________________
Phone Number_____________________________ E-mail address: ____________________________________________________
Students who do not attend GCSU while taking transient courses during the Spring or Fall terms must update their records
through the Registrar’s Office before the printed admissions deadline.
Transient Institution _________________________________________________ Transient Term/Year___________/____________
Address _________________________________________________
Transient Credit Information: (undergraduate students only refer to T.A.I.L. on
GCSU Credit Equivalent Credit Hours Course approved to Area in which course is to be applied
Course Hours Course Number Sem/Qtr transfer to GCSU (Adviser/Coordinator Use Only)
Number At Above (Registrars Office use only)
Core Major Elective/Minor
GCSU cannot accept course credit until an official transcript has been received from the transient institution. Transient credit
will not be calculated into the GCSU GPA.
Undergraduate students may transfer in a maximum of 80 semester hours of
transfer/transient credit and must complete at least 21 of the last 30 hours at the 3000-4000 level at GCSU. Graduate students may
transfer in a maximum of 9 semester hours as approved by the program coordinator.
I understand the above policy and request permission to take transient courses.
Student Signature ____________________________________________________________________________________________
This student has permission to register for the courses listed above.
Adviser’s Signature ___________________________________________________________ Date __________________________
Department Chair’s Signature ___________________________________________________ Date _________________________
Graduate Coordinator’s Signature________________________________________________ Date __________________________
Dean’s Signature _____________________________________________________________ Date __________________________
s signature
needed only if student is on academic suspension)
SECTION II (to be completed by the Registrar’s Office)
Standing: This student is in goo
d standing and eligible to return to GCSU
This student is not in good standing but is eligible to return to GCSU
Immunization: Satisfied Not Satisfied Religious Exemption
Registrar’s Signature___________________________________________________________ Date __________________________
Date Processed:_________________________ Distribution: White–Transient School; Yellow–GCSU Registrars Office; Pink–Student; Goldenrod–Adviser
Revised 10/2008
CORE Major Elective/Minor
Instructions and Routing for Transient Permission Form
In order to be eligible for transient status, a student must have been enrolled within the last five years.
All holds (parking fines, library fines, etc.) must be cleared with the appropriate office before the
Transient Permission form can be processed.
Student should contact the institution in which they would like to go transient to obtain their
admissions deadlines and requirements.
The Testing Center at Georgia College & State University must approve Regent’s testing at another
ONLY the courses approved on this form to be taken transient will receive credit at GCSU.
Taking transient coursework will NOT increase your GCSU institutional GPA.
Retaking a course that was originally taken at GCSU will in NO way affect your GCSU institutional
Many undergraduate majors require courses to have a grade of “C”or better in order to be used toward
graduation requirements. Refer to the online catalog at for specifics.
Instructions for completing Transient Permission Form:
1. Complete Section I (except portion marked as “for department use only”).
2. Use the Transfer Articulation and Information Locator (T.A.I.L.) which can be found at
to determine what courses have previously been approved for transfer to GCSU.
3. Make sure you understand the transient rules set forth in the university catalog.
4. Contact your adviser to discuss plans for taking transient courses.
5. Obtain adviser signature.
6. Obtain the chair’s signature if you are an undergraduate student or the Coordinator’s signature if you
are a graduate student.
7. If you are currently not in good standing obtain the Dean’s signature.
8. Return the completed form to the GCSU Registrar’s Office.
Instructions for receiving credit for courses taken transient:
1. Complete all necessary requirements at transient institution.
2. Request a transcript from the transient institution to be sent to the GCSU Registrar’s Office.
3. If you plan to complete degree requirements in the semester you are enrolled as a transient student, the
transcript must be received in the Registrars Office within two weeks of the official date of graduation.