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Transient Certification desired for the
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Result Notification: If approved, a letter will be mailed directly to the other institution.
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English, Math, Science,
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1. Transient certification will only be granted to students in good academic standing at Malone University (2.0 cgpa or higher).
2. Transient certification is required prior to the taking of coursework at other institutions. Course(s) may not be accepted at Malone
University if prior approval is not obtained through the Office of the Registrar.
3. When this request is approved by the Assistant Registrar, a letter of transient permission will be sent to the above-named institution
and a copy of the letter will be sent to the student.
4. It is each student's responsibility to know the transfer/transient policies of Malone University prior to seeking this status (i.e. only credit
transfers, grades do not; a grade of C is required in the course for transfer back to Malone University; graduating senior's transient work
must be in the Office the of the Registrar before the end of the semester or graduation may be delayed; etc.).
5. Each student must request an official transcript from the transient institution after the coursework has been completed. This official
transcript must be sent directly from the issuing institution to the Office of the Registrar at Malone University.
Student ID: ___________________ Hours Completed: _____________ CGPA: _____________
Notes: _____________________________________________________________________________
Assistant Registrar: _________________________________________ Date: _________________
Return Form to: Office of the Registrar
2600 Cleveland Ave. NW; Canton, OH 44709
Fax: (330) 471-8661 Email:
For Degree Completion Programs
Transient Information
How can I be eligible?
1. You must be in good academic standing at Malone University, which is defined as having a
cgpa of 2.0 or higher.
2. Your transient work may only be taken at a regionally accredited institution.
3. You must obtain transient certification prior to the taking of coursework at another
institution. Course(s) may not be accepted at Malone if prior approval is not obtained
through the Office of the Registrar.
How do I apply?
1. Use your Advising Worksheet to review graduation requirements with your advisor in order
to identify courses that could be taken at another institution.
2. Search for your course selections on the institutions website or contact the institution
3. Obtain scheduling information and written catalog course descriptions for the course(s) you
are considering for transient status.
4. Determine if the institution runs on a quarter or semester system.
5. Complete the Request for Transient Certification Request Form, which is available at under Find a Form. Once reviewed, the Office of the Registrar
will send a letter to the transient institution verifying permission to enroll for the approved
How do I enroll for the approved transient work?
1. Apply to the institution for transient (i.e. guest) admission status.
2. Register for the approved course(s) following the institutions guidelines. Please note that
Malone’s transient approval does not guarantee your enrollment at the approved
How does this transient work affect my Malone records?
1. You must earn a grade of “C” or higher in each transient course in order for credit to
transfer back to Malone.
2. At the conclusion of your transient course(s), you must request that an official copy of your
transcript be sent to Malone. Credit will not be awarded unless this item has been received.
3. Grades earned in your transient course(s) are not calculated in your Malone cgpa. Each
course will appear on your transcript with the number of credits earned; however, a grade
will not be listed.
4. Transient work will be included in your final graduate honors calculation.