Office of the University Registrar
25 University Avenue, West Chester, PA 19383
Ph: 610-436-3541 · Fx: 610-436-2370
Undergraduates must complete this form BEFORE taking courses at a college or university other than WCU.
The following criteria apply:
A course will not transfer if it has already been completed or failed at West Chester University.
All transfer courses must be taken for a letter grade but only course credits, not the grade, will transfer to WCU.
Transferred courses cannot be used to satisfy the diverse communities or writing emphasis requirements.
See your academic advisor for all major/minor program requirements.
You must contact the Office of Financial Aid if you are planning on using financial aid to pay for these courses.
If you are taking courses off campus and are not enrolled in WCU classes during the fall/spring semester you will not be
verified for enrollment for financial aid eligibility by WCU. If you are not taking courses at an accredited institution
during this time the financial aid loan repayment process will begin.
Student Name: ___________________________________ Major: __________________________ Local Phone: _______________________
Student Signature: _____________________________________________ Date: _____________________
Name of Visiting College/University: _____________________________________________ Is this an internship? Yes No
Term (Select one): Fall Winter Spring Summer Year: ________________
Please fill out completely with blue or black ink.
Course Title
(for example HIS 101)
WCU Course Equivalency from
Matrix (No WCU signature
Signature of WCU Dept. Chair
Responsible for the Subject
Area (Signature is only needed
if course has no equivalency.)*
*Department Chair Signature only required if an equivalency has NOT already been established. When seeking
departmental permission please provide the course description. Some departments may require the course syllabus.
o Check the online Transfer Credit Center for course equivalency information at
For more information on transferring courses into WCU, see the section entitled "Taking Courses Off Campus" online at
Return this form to the Registrar's Office before taking courses.
o At the completion of course work, student must mail an official transcript to: West Chester University, Office of
the Registrar, 25 University Avenue, West Chester, PA 19383.
o Electronic transcripts may be sent to
No credit will be given if an official transcript is not received.
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