Development/Project Name:
Development/Project Address:
Contact Name:
Contact/Firm Address:
Contact’s phone email
Project Specifics-
Use/Occupancy Classification (mark all that apply)-
ASSEMBLY, A-2- Restaurant, Bar >49 occupants ASSEMBLY A-1, A-4, A-5
BUSINESS, B- (A-2 w/less than 50 occupants) ASSEMBLY A-3- church
MERCANTILE, M- Retail, Gas Station EDUCATIONAL, E ≤ 12
STORAGE S-1/Moderate Hazard- auto repair, tires, combustibles HIGH HAZARD H-1-5
STORAGE S-2/Light Hazard- food, metals, non-combustibles INSTITUTIONAL I-2- hospital, nursing home
FACTORY F-1/Moderate Hazard-combustibles, wood INSTITUTIONAL I-4- Child/ Adult <24 hr.
FACTORY F-2/Lt. Hazard- metals, ceramic, glass TOWN CENTER; COMMERCIAL TC/C1-hotel
INSTITUTIONAL I-1- Asstd. Living, Group Homes >16 occupants for 24 hrs. RESIDENTIAL R-4- 5-16 occupants = 24 hrs.
RESIDENTIAL R-2- Apartments > 2 units Utility/Misc. U- carports
If mixed use: separated
New Construction
□ non-separated
□ Tenant Improvement
Size of site: acres
Number of proposed buildings: 1
□ sq. ft.
□ 2-5 >5
No. of proposed suites/units (or dwellings):
Estimated Cost of Construction:
Proposed height:
Is site platted? □ Yes □ No Unknown
Anticipated permit submittal date:
Targeted construction start date:
Targeted Occupancy Date:
Brief Description of Project:
Staff/Agencies Requested for Meeting:
Building Plan Reviewer
□ Zoning Plan Reviewer (zoning/landscape/design)
□ Development Services Engineer (grading/SWPPs)
□ Fire and Medical District
□ Other:
Please see attached Requirements
199 N LOBB AVE, SUPERIOR, AZ 85173/520-689-5752
A zoning clearance will not be issued until the project has received site plan approval. A site plan is approved only when all the
components are in compliance with all zoning and land development requirements.
To schedule a pre-application meeting you must provide: 1.) Completed application form below, 2.) One copy of a scaled
preliminary site plan on 11x 17 paper, 3.) A brief narrative describing the proposed use and 4.) A submittal fee of $200.00 and
deliver them to Town of Superior Permitting Department, 199 N Lobb Ave, Superior, AZ 85173. Your site plan will be reviewed,
and requirements and/or issues discussed at the pre-application meeting. To determine if you are subject to Town Impact Fees,
please contact the Impact Fee Coordinator, at (520) 689-5752.
The intent of the “Pre-Building Permit Application Me
eting” is to determine if there are any glaring code
issues or missing documentation that would prevent timely plan review and permitting. It does not
replace our building permit plan review process and is not intended to be in-depth or all-encompassing. It
is offered as a courtesy and there is no charge for the first meeting.
Architectural Site plan- must show accessible route for site and accessible parking.
Code Summary (This can be included on the plans or in a separate document) – Include:
codes used for design
building construction type
occupancy classification
fire sprinkler information
whether mixed uses are separated or not
allowable area per Table 506.2 (2018 IBC)
whether any frontage increase has been utilized
occupant loads
Architectural, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing plans that are a minimum of 70% complete
Landscape Plan (optional)
Signage Plan (optional)
The Town of Superior has adopted new Administrative Code and the following building codes:
2018 IBC
2018 IRC
2018 IFC
2018 IPC
2018 IMC
2017 NEC
2018 IPMC
2018 IFGC
2018 ISPSC
2018 IECC
199 N LOBB AVE, SUPERIOR, AZ 851173/520-689-5752