We are delighted to know that you are applying for a scholarship from the American
Association of University Women, which promotes equity for all women of all ages, lifelong
education and societal change. Education is extremely important to AAUW. AAUW raises money
throughout the year to provide scholarship funds.
Please keep this letter as part of your scholarship file. We award (Regular Scholarship) based on
the following criteria:
Has Need (for financial assistance)
Applicant has applied for FAFSA (federal financial aid)
Is enrolled as a Full Time Student (12 hours minimum)
Has a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0
Has a plan for pursuing a four year degree
AAUW also has endowments for scholarships for students transferring or transferred to colleges to
pursue a four year degree (
Transfer Scholarship). The criteria is the same for both Transfer and Regular
Our Scholarship Selection Committee (SSC) will schedule personal interviews with Applicants.
They will be held on campus at NPC, each lasting about 30 minutes. Participation in the interview is
mandatory in order to be considered.
If you are selected to receive one of our scholarships: Your current grades and hours will be
obtained from the Financial Aid department and will be reviewed by the SSC; and, since our
awards are
for the entire academic year, your Fall semester grades and hours will be reviewed and confirmed before
the Spring semester scholarship award is provided.
Scholarship awards will occur in mid-June. Recipients will be notified by email and regular postal
delivery mail. Please Note: If you have any change in address, email, telephone numbers, notify me with
that information.
Finally, recipients will receive an invitation to attend a Scholarship Luncheon on Saturday
November 7. It is in honor of recipients and to recognize AAUW members for their dedication. We
anticipate that all recipients will attend. Please feel free to call me if you have any questions about this
process or about AAUW.
Carol Freeland, Scholarship Chair Phone: 214-763-4602 Email:
Deadline: Friday March 20, 2020
TRANSFER Scholarship Application (Transferring/Transferred from NPC)
Financial Aid/Scholarships/Loans & Amounts (use back of application if necessary)
Applicant Signature Date
Currently Receiving Spring Semester 2020
Applying for 2020/2021
Fall 2019 Semester GPA Number of Hou rs
NPC Degree/Da te
Transfer College Majo r
Anticipated Date of Graduat ion
(Please Print or Type & fill in all blanks) Your Student ID #
Name:(Last) (First) (Midd le)
Street/PO City Zip
Home Phone Cell Phone
Current Employer Hours/Week Hourly Pay
Married/Single # Dependent Children/Ages
ducational Plans/Degrees
ttachments Needed
1. A letter telling us about your career goals, financial needs, NPC honors/awards, community service,
challenges in your life and any other reasons why we should choose you as a recipient. 2. Two current
college academic OR one academic and one work related reference including reference’s name and
phone numbers. 3. By signing below, I give permission for this application to be released to AAUW
Scholarship Selection Committee, and, if selected to receive a scholarship, for my educational records
and number of enrolled credit hours to be released as needed. I also grant AAUW permission to use my
name and/or biographical information in any media avenues that are used for the purpose of supporting
or promoting AAUW.